Perfect Ground

Perfect Ground


Perfect Ground is a four piece rock band who have created a vast amount of songs that all portray a similar style of music that blurs the edges of rock, pop and blues, appealing to a diverse audience.


Perfect Ground, a four piece band out of Chilliwack, B.C, have been creating original music since the late 90s.

Riding the wave of success behind their 2005 EP, Perfect Ground are nearing the completion of their highly anticipated full-length debut. Working along side locally renowned producer Doug Naugler, the band has reinvigorated its sound. The full-length sees the band expanding their lyrical horizons which meld perfectly with their edgier melodic-driven rock. This album accentuates the growth of the band, while keeping their feet grounded in their musical roots of blues/rock.

3 new songs, that gives an auditory glimpse into their upcoming full-length is available at shows or via fan mail. This EPK showcases two new songs in addition to an updated version of their fan favorite, “House of Trust.”


2005 ep