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Perfect:Imperfect is a 4-piece rock/progressive band from Dallas, TX. With catchy, yet meaningful lyrics and a live show that puts them above par to many viewers, this band is taking the fast lane to success. While Perfect:Imperfect has their moments as an aggressive artist, they are well-known for their “tightness” as a band and ability to display emotion through music. Lyrics by the band put the audience on stage with them, because we can all relate to the struggles of this world. In a scene oversaturated with the same generic bands, Perfect:Imperfect stands out as something different, something real.

-Kevin Dunlap/Greenlight PR


The Piano

Written By: Perfect:Imperfect

This empty hallway is echoing the sound,
How did I get here?
I can hear them calling outside my window,
Begging and crying for more.
Now where could this sound be coming from,
I could never touch those keys,
The Piano is the only one meant to.
The physician and the host,
Finally something familiar,
Something safe.
The beauty of this moment sings me to sleep.
The City is so beautiful and the sunset almost looks real.
Have I fallen asleep only to wake up to a dream?
The City is empty and the music stops.
The City tears itself apart.
I need to wake up.


The City, The Piano - Singles

Set List

Depends on the lineup, We usually play at least 4 songs.