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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Perfect Mercy "Perfect Mercy" - CD Review"

"Knox-based Perfect Mercy has achieved a lot of local success, thanks in part to lead singer Shannon Lindsey's distinctive voice, sounding like a cross between Letters to Cleo and Stevie Nicks. The band's sound is an eclectic mix of rock, blues, funk, and reggae, and lead guitarist Justin Parker's talent shines in every song. Parker's varied and quick guitar licks compliment bassist Chris Rogers and keyboardist Susie Haas well. The first track of their self-titled album shows off both Parker's and Lindsey's strengths, grabbing attention and creating an energy that is sure to have fans of all genres begging for Mercy. ..." - MetroPulse - August 18, 2005


"Imagine Britney in leather backed by an alt. rock band" - The Metro Pulse - Knoxville, TN

"Something different"

"Perfect Mercy has created something very different [...]. Perhaps the most decidedly different element of their music is vocalist Shannon Lindsey. She undoubtedly has an excellent voice [...] When Lindsey's voice blends in, [...] it becomes apparent that this is a band on the rise." - John Carruthers of The Daily Beacon - Knoxville, TN

"Recipe for success"

"Take two cups of rock, a cup of blues, a smidgen of funk and a dash of reggae for good measure. Sprinkle in some hypnotically intense female vocals and a wealth of diverse musical experience. Then mix it all together. The result is a hearty helping of Knoxville's Perfect Mercy." - Kevin Saylor of The Knoxville News Sentinel - Knoxville, TN


"Perfect Mercy has a gigantic, almost cinematic sound that's complimented by a female vocalist who sounds like a grittier, less pneumatic version of Stevie Nicks. The music rocks, but doesn't club you over the head; you'll leave shaken, but unharmed." - Adam -


"The Perfect Mercy Sound is strong female vocals over tight and powerful guitar/bass/drums rock." - Chad Kempfert -


Perfect Mercy - "Perfect Mercy"
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Feeling a bit camera shy


Few bands have the ability to cross over genre barriers and attract a diverse audience. Female fronted pop-rock sensation, Perfect Mercy has done just that. The group has formulated an eclectic mix of rock, blues, funk & reggae. Though each style is only recognized as an influence, it produces a sound that grasps music lovers young and old. "I've always wanted to write music that not only appeals to teenagers, but something my grandmother will listen to as well," says the band's guitarist, Justin Parker.

Perfect Mercy's process of writing music consists of only one equation: collaboration. While inspiration for a song may present in different ways, their key to success is input from each of the band's members. "We don't have one particular formula for writing the song," says vocalist Shannon Lindsey. "Sometimes I'll have lyrics or a melody line that Justin adds a guitar part to. Other times, the band will just start jamming and I'll hear the vocal in my head." The band's open approach allows a multitued of musical influences to shine through.

The band has achieved their seasoned sound over a five-year history. Shannon and Justin met in January of 2000 and immediately began making music. "Everything just clicked from the first song," says Parker. "By the end of that first session, we had written three songs." Over the next four years the band searched for musicians that fit perfectly together. Chris Rogers (bass guitar) joined the band in 2001. He says, "I heard they were looking for a bass guitarist and tried out. When I heard Shannon's voice, I knew I wanted to be part of Perfect Mercy." Shannon counters, "Chris brought a new dimension to our sound. He has the ability to hear a couple of Justin's guitar licks and to listen to a few fragments of a vocal I'm working on, then just join in with a bass line that carries us as we fill out the song."

The next Perfect Mercy addition was Susie Haas, who joined the band in 2003. Parker says, "We were looking for a backup singer to bring a little more depth to our sound, and Susie brought all that and more. Now, she not only brings perfect harmonies to match up with Shannon's vocals, she also fills out the sound with her keyboard playing." Susie responds, "I love singing with Perfect Mercy. For me, it's all about the harmonies, and Shannon, Justin, and I just always seem to find a way to get the harmonies just right."

The band has recently released a self-titled CD that has been distributed locally as well as globally. Packed with 9 fresh tracks, the ablum is an exciting glimpse into what Perfect Mercy has to offer. They have honed a style believed to be the next magnetic prototype for modern music. Perfect Mercy owns their sound and is now in their truest form. A sound that has been described as "gigantic, almost cinematic" and one that is destined to catch the attention of music lovers of all walks of life.