Perfect Norm

Perfect Norm


Four members with an insatiable appetite for playing live music have come together to form Perfect Norm. The genre of music is best described as tight Rock and Roll jams blended with Funk and laced with a Jazzy undertone.


Perfect Norm is a combination of the past and present with a dash of funk and a splash of jazz. Where most other bands fail, Perfect Norm is able to keep a beat while still leaving room for a tasteful lead. Because of this unique feature of a no leader band, we find ourselves perplexed by the togetherness of Perfect Norm and their inherit ability to wow a crowd, while still speaking out to each individual person on their own level. Any attendee at a show will open their ears to the true jamming of Perfect Norm. A true campfire band, each and every performance is different but spectacular. Their intimate band sound combined with their vast listener base reveals an amazing compilation of blues and funk. Hints of jazz and dashes of rock blend for a live listening experience that wows even the most aged of listeners. This hometown band was created in 2002. The band has molded together for more reasons than just music. Long lasting friendships have been the true reason for the tightness behind the music.


Perfect Norm released their first Album on Jan. 10th, 2009. It is called Breakfast Sampler and can be found at Perfect Norm music is streaming at along with
Perfect Norm also runs their own festival every spring/summer. It has been going on for about three years now. We are very thankful for the 600 Acres of beautiful property we have been blessed with in Ripley, Ohio. The Perfectly Normal Jam Festival is the name of the festival and more information can be found at

Set List

A typical set list involves many original songs mixed with a few covers. Normally Perfect Norm plays Two Sets that run about an hour and a half to two hours a set, when we do shows by ourselves. We have over 40 original songs, along with many different covers.

Some covers are:

Up on Cripple Creek, The Band
Franklin's Tower, The Grateful Dead
Sissy Strut, The Meters
Under African Skies, Paul Simon
Don't Do Me Like That, Tom Petty
Hurricane, Bob Dylan
Simple, Phish
Get off of My Cloud, The Rolling Stones
We Got To Get Out of This Place, The Animals
Brain Damage into Eclipse, Pink Floyd
Waiting in Vein, Bob Marley
and many more.

Some original songs are:

Around the Town
Sugar Momma's
The Nose Tackle
The American Dream
Missing Bubble-gum
Someday Intoxicated
Breakfast Sampler
and many more....