Blasting out of central Wisconsin, the hard rockin' progressive whirlwind known as PERIL has something for everyone! From powerful songs to awesome crowd interaction, PERIL is sure to please. Book PERIL today, you won't be sorry you did!


After breaking off all ties from their previous bandmates, PERIL members Jason, Todd, Jesse and Eric joined forces to create a sound that is unlike any other.

With blazing vocals from frontman Jason Ziegler, the band charges forward with adrenaline filled songs and performances. PERIL has over an hour of original music in their arsenal which includes heavy, bone-crunching riffs to melodic ballads...and everything in between!

With a strong and steadily growing fanbase, PERIL is looking to expand from the central Wisconsin playing area and stretch out as far as possible!

With dedication in their blood and a unified goal in their minds, PERIL charges forward and looks forward to showing you and your venue an amazing time.


PERIL finished recording their first, full-length album March 10th-13th and is now available though our website.

Set List

Original Songs:

Stand Strong

Severed Existance

My Sentence

Holding On


Negative Infection


Violent Reality

All for One, One For All

Crystal Ball

Haunting Me