Have you heard about the world's happiest surf rocker?His name is Perk and he's from Santa Monica, California.


There's no need trying to convince Perk the world is a terrible place...he's too far gone. Perk sees life through rose-colored glasses, and he's sharing the vision with his funky surf rock music and outrageous live performances.

You could easily call him a dreamer, but that's only half the story. Perk is also an award-winning musical artist who has self-produced two albums, built a national grassroots fan base, toured the country, and performed for the troops of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba...twice!

When you hear music described as “super-charged funky surf rock” you already start to feel just sounds fun. Perk's style emerged from a deep love of "beach life and party music." The stories in his songs all convey a "can do" attitude, and Perk seems to be pushing his listeners to live life to the fullest.

Experiencing Perk live is a spiritual awakening. His ability to connect with the audience seems to leave fans in an electrified frenzy. Watching Perk's college tour video you begin to see a pattern: fans screaming, laughing, jumping around, high-fiving, and having an absolute blast. However, someone should tell Perk and his fans that life is not supposed to be this fun... it's depressing and awful, right?

Catch Perk live on tour this Fall 2006.


It's Out There

Written By: Perk

I woke up
Got my cup of java
Set out to the Lava Lounge
Where my friends would be
Sat down at my favorite table
Not ready, willing or able
To hear that song decree

It’s out there!
A better world for you and me
And we gotta roll with history
To play the part we want to be
It’s out there!
The answer that’s so clear to see
The truth behind the mystery
Of what it is and what will be

Father time tappin’ on my shoulder
My body’s gettin’ older
And I wonder when I’ll sleep
Way down I feel
A distant early warning
My time on earth is sure to end
And there’s so much left to see

Late night
I’m driftin’ under the moonlight
The stars are all lined up just right
I listen, look and feel around
Dream and fact have become one
But the journey now has just begun
And the future is surreal

Holdin' On

Written By: Perk

Lookin' all over the place
For the face of my soul
I lost all control
Never should've turned my back
On my main goal
'Cuz Jumpin' Jack Flash
Put a gash across my face
Said I'm another disgrace
To this place
Never should've turned my back
On rock 'n roll

Said I gotta keep holdin' on
Yeah, just gotta keep holdin' on

Lookin' around at the world today
I just don't know
I think it's gonna blow
I'm knocked back flat on my back
And the pains' startin' to grow
'Cuz every time I look
I see another crook
Runnin' a scam not givin' a damn
Wanna give 'em a slam
With the back of my hand

Takin' the time to believe
I gotta keep 'em in a row
I'm goin' down to Gitmo
Hangin' with the JTF
On a Saturday night
I'll be makin' the best
Of the rest of my time down here
Never live in fear
'Cuz the birds, bees
Flowers and trees are so dear

Independent Man

Written By: Perk

He may not sing you a love song
But his voice is soft and sweet
Confidence has no competition
And the style just can’t be beat
The warning signs flash around him
But there’s no pulling you away
His love is a game
You’ll never be the same
Once you tell him that it’s okay

Because the player don’t need lovin’
Oh no, he’ll get it when he can
You’ll be gone before the morning
He’s an independent man

He’s got the eyes of a thief
And a smile that’s a little too long
Charms surround your emotions
And the hold on you is strong
Steal all your dreams and visions
Won’t leave you a prayer to spare
So painful to see
When his philosophy
Starts to break you until you’re bare

Taking everything that he wants
Never knowing what he needs
Pleasure is always around him
But the loneliness is his creed


Written By: Perk

I was here before
The stars were in your eyes
I’ve been your friend
And even taught you how to cry
Look at the way I make you feel
And every moment that I steal
From you
I take it and I make it grow

No hope for tomorrow
I am your sorrow

So many times
You find yourself in need of tears
Look at the ways and days
You fill yourself with fears
Maybe it’s time to understand
There’s never been a wonderland
And it’s hard
When livin’ isn’t just for show

I asked around
They told me I could find you here
Your friends and family
Can’t believe the things they hear
And I never could keep secrets long
I’d love to tell them
That you’re here this was
A slave to the feeling of my drug

Let My Heart Run Wild

Written By: Perk

When I was younger
And everything was simple
I was only livin’ for the day
I kept ‘em seeing double
I was always causin’ trouble
Had to do my thing in my own way
And now those days are gone
But I look back
And I still feel strong
Good times then
Stay with me now

Let my heart run wild
Like it always will
Cuz’ my soul can’t fly
When I’m standin’ still
Gonna breathe in a new day
And live it up in my own way
And let my heart run wild today

When I find myself
Sittin’ on a shelf
Life seems to be passing me by
I look back and I see
All that life has given me
So I tell myself keep movin’ on
I know that somehow, some way
I’m gonna get what I need
Until I get there I gotta believe

Now I’m here on this earth
I wanna know that it’s worth
All the troubles I go through
Never lose my dreams
Keep it together at the seams
Put my love in everything I do
I know that somehow, some way
I’m gonna get what I need
Until I get there I gotta bleed


Drop In (2006)
Perk (2003)

Set List

Perk's shows are a dynamic blend of his originals and classic party rock covers. He's always open to requests, so feel free to contact him with the song(s) you wanna hear!

Perk's Originals:
Holdin' On
It's Out There
Independent Man
One Time
Mr. Sun Shine
Let My Heart Run Wild
Can't Hide The Feelin'
My Friend Is Gone
Don't Freak Me Out
When I Found You
My Friend Is Gone
Keepin' It Real

Fight For Your Right To Party (Beastie Boys)
This Love (Maroon 5)
Friends In Low Places (Garth Brooks)
Friends (SAE song)
Vertigo (U2)
Hgher Ground (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Satisfaction (Rolling Stones)
Paradise City (Guns 'n Roses)
Tush (ZZ Top)
Land of 1000 Dances (Wilson Pickett)
We’re Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister)
You Really Got Me (The Kinks)
Heartbreaker (Led Zeppelin)
Living Loving Maid (Led Zeppelin)
Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC)
...many more

*Specific songs available on request