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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Perla won GBOB"

"All the bands did well but Perla had the extra touch [...] In the end Perla deserved to win this. The band incredibly talented, but the techinque never interrupted their feel. Their passion for what they do really showed and their backing vocals and harmonies were well executed. Also nice to hear Icelandic lyrics for a change. The music is like being frozen in time, progressive rock from the 70', and I can almost imagine being at one of those legendary concerts. Back in the old days. It wasn't their originality, it was their passion that won in the end. You could sit tight, you want to join them on stage in. Perla goes to London to represent Iceland."
-Arnar Eggert. Thursday, 30. nóvember 2006 / - Morgunblaðið, National Icelanic Newspaper.

"Walk on..."

"At 19:00 hours I was ready to hear music. I was at Grand Rokk to see Perla, really exited. Perla is a modern progressive rock band like Dream Theater. Amazing artists, really talented. The singer in a different class, outstanding. They never look like they are faking it, pure honesty. Very driving. Simply an awesome band." - Morgunblaðið, Iceland National Newspaper,


Nothing released yet, in talks. Early 2009.



They are the 3 year old kid who just found out how the world works. Perla started in a garage and got their first big break several months later. Gig at the Astoria, London. Since then they've been mesmerizing crowd all over Iceland, and the world. With gigs in London, New York, Toronto and Chicago. They stop at nothing. In september 2008, Perla finished recording their debut album with famed record producer Neil Kernon in Chicago.
It will be released early 2009!