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Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Rock Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"ALBUM PREMIERE: New Scranton band Permanence debut their ‘Northeast’ alternative rock"

It’s no secret that we love Northeastern Pennsylvania, so when we meet a band that is also inspired by our hometown area, we just have to feature them – especially when they sound this good.
A new alternative rock band, Permanence, has emerged from Scranton, and they’re giving NEPA Scene readers an exclusive first listen to their debut EP, “Northeast.”
“The EP title ‘Northeast’ is definitely about this area. We are proud of where we come from, the amazing music and artists that have come from NEPA and, of course, the pizza,” drummer Randy Weller explained.
Permanence began as two separate projects that collided in May of 2016 into a punk and grunge-influenced rock group with Weller, vocalist/guitarist Scott Jordan, guitarist Dan King, and bassist John Husosky.
“Randy and I had a couple of songs halfway finished. Dan called us asking if we wanted to be a part of a studio project he and John were working on. We asked if he would be interested in playing with us on this project instead and, after listening to our stuff, John and Dan were on board. Within three practices, we were in the studio,” Jordan explained.
“I would say our sound is a throwback to mid-2000’s grunge/punk with a splash of local sounds, such as Superheaven and Title Fight,” Husosky added.
“We all have had a common interest in this genre of music, and this is the first chance we all had to explore that interest together.”
“Northeast” is streaming now via Bandcamp and can be downloaded for free or you can name your own price to support the band:
With former and current members of another Scranton band, A Fire with Friends, involved, some influence from that group subtly carried over.
“This group is the culmination of all of the bands we were previously in. Each one has taught us something new about our musical taste, pedal choices, melody, and just how to be a part of a band,” King noted.
“After I left A Fire with Friends, I put my musical efforts aside and focused on work and life. It took around two years to get back to music again. I always had little ideas in my back pocket, and I never stopped writing,” Jordan said.
“The songs on this EP reflect that desire to get something out of your head and on to paper, so to speak, to get something going and produce.”
“These songs are just about the experiences that we’ve had and how we dealt with them,” Weller added.
Permanence entered JL Studios in Olyphant and recorded the five songs on “Northeast” from June of 2016 through last month.
“Joe Loftus and Jay Preston worked with us on this EP. Originally, we planned on four songs. However, we continued writing during the recording process and decided the track ‘Drive’ had a sound that fit the rest of the EP, so we added that as a fifth track to the project,” Husosky recalled.
“Working with Jay and Joe was an incredible experience. They are both great friends and people who we look up to. Their insight and advice was incredibly helpful for getting the EP to where it is at now, and we’re very grateful for that. Joe and Jay definitely helped produce this EP. We can’t wait to work with them again soon.
“The recording process was a lot of fun; we made just as much progress as we did laughs. We feel like we might owe Jay and Joe a thank you card for putting up with us.”
Permanence is now on Facebook, Bandcamp, and SoundCloud and will soon be streaming on Pandora and Spotify, with live shows currently in the works, so be sure to follow them to stay in the loop. “Northeast” is just the beginning for a band that plans to live up to their name and stick around for a long time to come. - NEPA Scene

"Alt-rock Permanence strives to bring organic feel to music scene"

Each member of Scranton band Permanence found his way to music in a unique fashion, from downloading a live concert of Blink-182 to becoming inspired to pick up cello by the Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic.

Although their methods were not entirely conventional, it brought these four guys together to create a homegrown, alternative rock band.

The group, comprised of Scott Jordan on vocals and guitar, Dan King on vocals and guitar, bassist John Husosky and drummer Randy Weller, went On the Record to discuss their song writing process and the challenges of creating an original band.

Q: How did you each get involved in music?

A: Randy Weller:I grew up watching my father and uncle improvise on the guitar and drums and was always impressed with the way they could create something out of nothing musically. My interest grew, I started to play the drums and exploring music.

John Husosky: I Limewired a Blink-182 concert from Australia and thought the show and music was awesome. I had a close friend that wanted to start playing guitar and it went from there.

Scott Jordan: I started singing in a group in high school called Just a Thought. We started playing some covers but when we started writing originals, my interest really peaked. From that point making music has been one of my favorite things to do.

Dan King: I saw the NEPA Philharmonic play as a kid and knew at that moment I wanted to play the cello. From there, I went on to pick up the guitar and get involved with different local bands.

Q: Tell us about the first time you performed.

A: DK:That was Randy’s first show ever, and Scott’s first show in about four years since leaving A Fire With Friends. We were all nervous because in past projects we were never the key pieces of the groups, and this was our first opportunity to create something. After the first song, it just felt right. And we all ended up saying, ‘It’s over already?’ after the set.

Q: Do you write your own music?

A: JH: We have made this an all-original music project. Typically, Dan or Scott will write something acoustically and send it to our group chat. From there, we work on the idea and develop it at practice. Once we are happy with the structure, Randy and I will add rhythmic touches with Dan. And Scott comes up with the main melodies for the tune.

Q: How have you changed as musicians?

A: SJ:The local scene has really made an impact on how we listen, perform and think about music. The groups that have come out of Pa., and specifically NEPA over the years, have influenced us all, and our peers are the best inspiration and tool we have to grow as musicians. It’s great to see how little influences from music you’re currently listening to can add to what you create.

Contact the writer:; 570-821-2061; @CVcljacobson

Q: What are some favorite memories?

A: RW: Too many to even think about, we have all become really close friends and always have a good time. If we had to pick one it would probably be the positive response to our first show. This is something that had only lived in a basement until then and it is great to see that people enjoy it.

Q: How has the NEPA music scene changed?

A: DK: There is never a shortage of good bands forming and coming through the scene. It has been awesome to see our close friends form different groups or projects that showcase a different side or take on their musical personality.

Q: Have you faced any major challenges as a rising band?

A: JH: I am in four bands currently and Dan has lived in the Philly area for the last year, so getting together for practice can be a tough hurdle. When we are able to get together we make the most of it, and Dan will be back home soon.

Q: What are your future goals for the band?

A: SJ: We are happy continuing with the way things are going. We aren’t getting any younger and to have the privilege to play out and with other groups is amazing. I guess something that would be a great experience would be to play a show where the crowd sang our lyrics during the set.

Meet Permanence

Members: Scott Jordan, vocals, guitar; Dan King, vocals, guitar; John Husosky, bass; and Randy Weller, drums

Based out of: Scranton

Established: 2016

Genre: Alternative, rock

Online: Find Permanence on Facebook, Bandcamp,

YouTube and Spotify. - The Times Tribune

"SONG PREMIERES: NEPA alt rockers Permanence and Alma Mater team up for split EP"

As they announced during NEPA Scene’s red carpet interview at the Steamtown Music Awards last month, two local alternative rock bands are releasing a split EP together on Saturday, Oct. 14, and we’ve got an exclusive first listen to singles from both acts.
Both Scranton’s Permanence and Wilkes-Barre’s Alma Mater are following up their respective debut EPs with this split release, which began from a mutual admiration for each other’s music.
“Rose” was the first song that Permanence wrote since the release of their “Northeast” EP back in February, though they had no plans for new material at the time. Vocalist/guitarist Scott Jordan was “fooling around with a riff” during a rehearsal when “Rose” started to take shape, even making it into live sets, but with no set lyrics. It wasn’t until he saw the hit horror film “Get Out” just before entering JL Studios in Olyphant that the mood and themes of this poignant movie ended up shaping the song from then on.
“We never planned on having a song inspired by a mystery/thriller movie written by Jordan Peele, but the music was written and the lyrics weren’t, so why not? The story is awesome, and the mood of the song surprisingly fits. Plus, it was a lot of fun having Randy and I scratch our heads over what to say. I couldn’t be happier with it. Also, its the perfect time of year for a horror song to be released. It all worked out,” Jordan explained.
“I think the song and movie both have overarching themes that we can all relate to. I couldn’t even begin to count the times a normal situation started to spiral out of control and developed into something I just needed to get away from,” guitarist Dan King added.
It could have just been a single, but the idea of doing a split EP with another local band “seemed a lot more appealing and fun.” Alma Mater was the first band to reach out to them to play shows together, and after attending the release show for their EP “Cloud Cover,” they were “blown away” and knew they wanted to partner with them on this project.
Meanwhile, Alma Mater had a song of their own that they couldn’t wait to put out. “Speechless” was the first piece of music they created with a full lineup after adding bassist Ryan Grutt, and guitarist/backing vocalist Jon Higgins sings an important lead melody instead of just harmonies on the track. Joe Loftus and Jay Preston at JL Studios added studio polish to what ended up being a very timely track with recent national tragedies, from mass shootings to hurricanes.
“‘Speechless’ offers an uplifting and consoling message on a rather dismal subject matter. Most generally, it’s about losing someone close to you and trying to find the right things to say to yourself because it seems like nothing but negativity surrounds you. In dealing with any tragedy, we as humans always try to find that beacon of light to pull us out, so I wanted to express some of the positive things I say/think to myself whenever I’m going through a rough time,” vocalist/guitarist Vinny Amarando described.
“The most unique thing about ‘Speechless’ is that it has a ton of different elements that reflect the subject matter; it’s not just the lyrics. What I’ve been trying to do when writing is looking at every tiny aspect of a song so it musically embodies the entire message, not just what you hear in the lyrics. And, hopefully, that’s what you’ll hear in ‘Speechless.'”
The EP will be released tomorrow on both bands’ Bandcamps and Spotify for free. - NEPA Scene

"Indie Music Album Reviews - Permanence Northeast EP"

Permanence steps onto the scene with their debut “Northeast.” This grungy quartet emerging out of Scranton, Pennsylvania, comes together to compose a five-track EP. An entirely new band, with members that are currently in other collectives, or were once part of another musical ensemble, manage to sound like they have been playing together for years.

​The EP opens with “Drive” a very short intro track with a very opener feel to it. As the song progresses, the song builds and speeds up to match the grungy style of Permanence. Although it is so short, this was one of the stronger songs on the EP, and it left me wishing there was more to listen to. “Demogorgon” follows, and comes in with feedback sounds and distorted guitar riffs. Very dark but emotional, this is my favorite song on the EP. Strong lyrical substance mixed with some intense screaming to complement the soothing vocals of the lead singer made this song strong and emotional.

“Celadon” is a little more lighthearted and poppy without actually being “pop.” The lyrics are relatable, since everybody nowadays believes they are losing their minds. “Chemical” is pure punk with the intensity fluctuating throughout the song. From singing to screaming to singing again, this one was a rollercoaster. Not only do the vocals fluctuate but the guitar riffs and drums intensify and escalate to match the singing.

The lyrics get progressively more visual, intense and violent. The final track, which has the same name as the EP, “Northeast,” was a nice punctuation. Feeling like the end is near, this song manages to feel very end like, making it the perfect final track. Catchy melodies, smooth vocals and questions about what has been asked throughout the EP coming to light in the lyrics leaves the listener satisfied but wanting another listen.

Overall, for a debut album this was done extremely well. Although the sound is nothing groundbreaking or completely unheard of, the style of music was done well, and with their own Scranton twist. I expect to see more from Permanence in the future, it will be enjoyable to see the growth from their first EP to their sophomore project. - Divide and Conquer


Still working on that hot first release.



From love lost to fleeting thoughts while living the factory life, Permanence draws from the angst life provides with a blend of emo and alternative rock.  The group started in 2016 when front man Scott Jordan met drummer Randy Weller at work and found common ground in music.  Fueled by their mutual interests the two began jamming and found that they had something they really enjoyed.  Coincidentally the two were contacted by guitarist Dan King to see if they would like to be involved with a separate studio project Dan had with bassist John Husosky at the time and Scott suggest that they come over to all play together and toss ideas around.  It was instantly apparent that the group had a similar direction and feel and they decided to merge to create what the group is today.  Inspired by the NEPA area and acts alike; Permanence draws their sound from groups like Title Fight, Superheaven, Tigers Jaw, and Balance and Composure.  Mixing an aggressive tone with emotionally charged lyrics and a heavy delivery has seen a positive local response and The Times Tribune stated "Alt-rock Permanence strives to bring organic feel to music scene".  The group has also had some great local show opportunities recently opening for Philadelphia's introspective Alt group Rich People, who were also joined by NJ/PA based pop punk group Keep Flying and Ontario based pop punk group Harbour.  Permanence currently has their eyes set on branching out in the Northeast/New England 

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