Permanent Bastards

Permanent Bastards


Punk as fu#!@! It's rock and roll without all the bullshit. it's honest and nothing less. We don't stagnant ourselves into making the same music over and over. We have something to say. Let it be said through our music.


It's been a long road since Permanent Bastards recorded their first demo at Sleepytown Sound in Toronto, a DIY hole-in-the-wall that served as a home for bands as varied as Born Ruffians and the Most Serene Republic during its time in the city's east end. The melding of influences and low-budget accessibility of the locally infamous studio seems like a logical birthplace for a band like Permanent Bastards, who have built their career since on crafting deceptively simple, accessible songs rooted in punk but reaching for influences far outside the genre.

Ostensibly based out of the Toronto suburb of Woodbridge, Permanent Bastards have become a fixture of the city's vibrant punk scene over the last four years, opening for bands like the Loved Ones, Fake Problems, and Tim Barry (ex-Avail). Their self-released 2008 full-length, Emericans, further solidified the band's sound, a mixture of Against Me!-style punk anthems and a smattering of folk, blues, and classic rock. The record's critical success helped the band take to the highways of Canada for the first time, covering the country coast to coast and, today, looking down the barrel of an upcoming full U.S. Tour.

All the activity surrounding Emericans quickly grabbed the attention of labels north and south of the border, including the U.S.-based Anchorless, home of Brendan Kelly (the Lawrence Arms) and the Sainte Catherines, and Toronto's own Drive, the Canadian label for the Flatliners. Ready to showcase their further developing sound to the world, the band headed back to the studio to track the three songs which would comprise the Young Girls 7”, their first release through both labels.

No longer in the shadow of their influences, the three songs on Young Girls show a band fully in control of their own sound. “Bloody Mary” has the bounce of a Johnny Cash song and the intricate, inspired opening of a Tokyo Police Club hit, all channelled through the anthemic power of kids raised on the classic Fat Wreck Chords roster. Elsewhere, the band's full-out aggression recalls the melodic post-hardcore of bands like Leatherface or Fairweather, even slowing down for some female-fronted slow jamming in the form of “Constance.” While it sounds like a lot to cram into three songs, the band manages to hold it together, never straying to far from a core that keeps every moment recognizably theirs.

Armed with two devoted record labels and a definitive new 7”, punk fans on both sides of the border should be on the lookout for these Bastards coming to your town.



Young Girls 7" - Oct. 25th 2011 (Anchorless Records / Drive Records)
1) Bloody Mary
2) Constance
3) Bon Voyage

1) Caught In The Crossfire
2) Those Forgotten Pioneers
3) White Tree
4) Business Never Personal
5) Faux Real!
6) Constance
7) Emericans
8) (we stole) These Songs
9) Sos
10) The Devil....
11) Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back

'Gun Club'- EP - Fall 2007
1) Searching the Shorelines
2) Add Fuel to the Fire
3) SOS (or so it would seem)
4) The Lone Gun

Caught In The Crossfire
White Tree
Those Forgotten Pioneers

BBC 1- (Mike Davies) - UK
Explore Music - Canada
Edge 102.1 - (punkorama, Indie Hour, Best of 2009) - Toronto, ON
CBC Radio 3 - Canada
CJAM 99.1 - Windsor, Ontario
CIOI 101.5 - Hamilton, Ontario
Anarchy Radio - - Canada
Dj Bed 94.3 - Canada - Canada - Canada
WFNP 88.7 - New Paltz, NY
B105.5 - Bolton, Ontario

Set List


White Tree
Searching the Shorlines
Buisness Never Personal
Add Fuel to the Fire
Those Forgotten Pioneers
Faux Real!
The Devil.....
The Lone Gun
Nobody Can Ever Make Me Turn Back
Caught in the Crossfire
We Stole These Songs
Heathens in a Moment of Panic
Nobody (living) Can Ever Make Me Turn Back