Permanent Press

Permanent Press

 Los Angeles, California, USA
BandHip HopBlues

We're the realest rap you'll ever hear from two non-rapper types. Simply put, we craft our thoughts and musings into perfectly worded rhymes set to the coolest music you can think of. Other people call our music intelligent. We like to call it hater proof.


Permanent Press is the anti-gimmick.

The group was formed on a whim after Cody recorded a verse over a beat that The James had sent him.

The James had no clue if anything would materialize out of it. All he knew was that his college buddy Dave, who'd grown up with Cody on Long Island, was constantly praising Cody's lyrical ability.

The verse Cody sent back to The James did not disappoint. That verse ended up being the basis for their first track, "Dakota Fanning".

Shortly after, while Cody was visiting LA, the two made tentative plans to write some more material. When they got around to it, the creative synergy was blindingly apparent. Only then did the two realize they had something real on their hands.

Since then, the duo have been cultivating their unique brand of studied lyricism and genre bending musical backdrops. They've performed with national acts such as Soul Live and have rocked the biggest LA and NY venues.

They just released their 1st music video to much acclaim and praise ( The video for their song "Tonight" was featured on numerous influential and well known blogs.

The group is currently prepping a mixtape with Deckstar DJ Tony Martinez. The tape will be sponsored by the trend setting LA fashion line Kid Dangerous.

The success of Permanent Press stems from the organic nature in which it was formed. There was no marketing plan, no calculated "industry" moves. The catalyst was the excitement the two got out of making powerful music. This is what continues to drive them.

Stay tuned...


EP - Ghosts Are Real (2010)

Single - "Bret Easton Ellis" (2009)