Permanent Scar

Permanent Scar


Hardworking four piece heavy metal/alternative act filled with expression. Exhilarating stage show keeps you holding your breath.


Making it mainstream...
If you have been waiting for a sound that is inventive, heavy, melodic yet tough enough to take on the tidal waves of rock radio then look no further. This is an energetic, self-driven band that takes to the stage an exciting live performance.

When you first hear the driving bass lines and melodic rhythms you are hooked, their talent is obvious. Once Lee's vocals slap you in the face the confirmation is there that there is more to this band than just harmonization. He possesses a mesmerizing quality leaving the audience waiting for him to jump up and cling to the ceiling. Their released emotions easily gives one a visual of what their videos will look like in the future. Fred's bone crunching chords are sure to amuse and when he releases his solos it really keeps anticipation of what he will do next with his up to date alternative style. Sherri does not captivate attention by her speedy fill-ins alone when she plays her personality explodes giving everyone an idea of who she really is. John is exceptional given that he has the power to make people move with both his beats and his animation.

Their passion for making enjoyable music has created a business side to them that they did not know they had. Their desire to advance in the music industry pushes them to do all they can to make a name for themselves.
Receiving complimentary emails daily from spectators loving their music encourages the band to continue their most immediate goal in building a strong fan base to satisfy record label reps so they may be recognized and have an opportunity to be signed. It's obvious that once the public realizes who these people are and they hear the new music it will only lead them to more opportunities. Staying aggressive and being assertive will surely be the key to their success.

For Permanent Scar being on stage is one of their favorite places to be there’s nothing more exciting then people stopping them from leaving the stage to compliment their performance. Their plans are to continue advancing their careers in this ever-growing music industry. If the present is any indication to the future, they are well on their way to reaching their goal.


EP released 1-Empty Eyes; 2-Pantomime,
3-Fly, 4-Landslide & 5-Let It Go

Set List

Set list - approx. 1 hour

Let It Go
Long Way Down
Empty Eyes
1 Ramone's Cover