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"feed back on permashine songs"

YO Perm, wutz good mane, its SLICK from steelz..we met at neptune at P's cd jumpoff...its cool if ya dont remember..i meet too many ppl all the time.cant remember anyone..jus wanna let u know man , u delivered the hottest cd in the entire country and the best out of everyone outta steel city..Go now is that joint, but the one that really got me was Look at what we have done... The full version of watchin is too fuckin crazy too, that was the first joint i ever heard from ya when grim played it for me at a gym like 3 years ago maaan..ur shit really is timeless eh...please keep droppin more singles;...lookin forward to some videos...hopefully one for PUSSY!!....
but straight up nothin but respect from ya boi S L I C K...1
--feb 2 my space

your cd is f***ing phenomenal

Wut up Perm, its ya boi *** S L I C K *** holdin it down for steel city, your cd is f***ing phenomenal ... i heard that sh*** everywhere this weekend from my man P to man Millah, everyone biggin you up..much respect due on releasing a classic...holla at yo boi was all a dream...summer 06' PUSSY is my sh***!....peace fam'.
--slick2050 posted on Fri December 30, 2005

I'm definately coppin' your CD

Loving your sh*** bro, CandyMan is f***in' sick, Keep wit' it.. I'm definately coppin' your CD... Leave feed on my board bro.. Be much appreciated!


--hooligansandthugsentertainment posted on Tue November 15, 2005

your music is something different

Sure I'll listen to your music, sometimes I get these messages of people asking me to come over and check out their music....and sometimes I find it real hard to put a message on their board saying that It is not really my kind of music, or the production is very poor...but your music is something different...real great production...great flow...good vocal parts, very professional, this is the kind of music I appreciate and like to listen to, good work!
I gave "Permashine" a well deserved hot vote!
I wish you lots of succes!
Love from Shannah
--Shannah posted on Sat November 12, 2005

up coming album "Dirty Money"

yo man this some real hot super sh*** you got here m8 i love the album cover real nice your flow an lyrics kick ass the beats are nice as well nice producer you got there keep doin your thing man peace out the one an only Double D!!!!!!
--M.C Double D posted on Fri November 11, 2005

"go now" is real hott

what it do mane!!! "go now" is real hott i'm feelin' that song a lot...i voted it hott and i'll be back by to check the rest of your songs...keep doing your thing man... i can tell you got a lot of talent so keep doing you and i wish you the best...much respect...peace
--ALC HEMIST WEST posted on Fri November 11, 2005

Sup man you wanted me to peep some of your tracks so I picked one

"Candyman" - This one's the sh*** man, that beat's sick and your lyrics are sharp and go over the beat perfectly. You got some professional sh*** goin' on. Nice to hear somethin' different, I'm sick of all this bullsh*** club music and you're makin' somethin' better.

Keep it up and don't stop man, you got a gift and need to keep that sh*** goin', without artists like you we'd have a buncha kids screamin' "WHAT HEY I LOVE CLUBS WHAT WHAT" all f***in' day.

I enjoyed your music man. Hit me up if you wanna talk or somethin'. I'mma add you to my station "Represent The REAL Underground" here in a second maybe get you some more plays.
--macnodnarb posted on Wed November 9, 2005
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watchin showcased on jinxbeatz mixtape compliation vol.1
Reppin da hood showcased on Indie Fiens
Talkin bout me Prosper (feat. Permashine) showcased on Prosper Album
why u gotta call tha cops shocased on the urban alley mixtape
Go Now (feat. Isis) First single off the Permashine Album. Radio play 106.7 the border fm., flow 93.5 fm stremed on soundclick,,
Permashines debute album "Dirty Money" in stores now. The album is professionally distributed and in stores like H.M.V/amazon, chapters, Napster, and so much more.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Born on June 2nd 1979, in St. Catharines, Ontario,
Permashine had no idea what was ahead of him.
The Canadian citizen of Jamaican descent fell in love with music,
and more notably, the urban music scene at an early stage in his life.
At the tender age of twelve he was beginning to write lyrics during
school hours, after school hours, and virtually every other opportune
moment available. From that point forward, Permashine began creating
himself a unique, definable style. It was no wonder that by age
seventeen, he took his game a step further and began exhibiting his
talent spontaneously, often in the form freestyling or live performances
ranging from the "King Of Da Mic" freestyle battles, and CD
Release Parties, to The Hamilton Spectator Talent Show (at which he
was declared one of the finalists, however soon disqualified as Hip
Hop was not included in the list of acceptable genres).
However, despite Permashine's ever-growing success, trouble soon
cast its shadow on his doorstep in the form of the law. In 2001,
Permashine was arrested on allegations of second degree murder
and was left awaiting his trial in a jail cell. Cut-off from the world as
he once knew it, and neglected by friends and family, Permashine
made the decision to utilize his time constructively in what would
prove to be a 15-month stretch. During these agonizing months he
fervently spent his time working on perfecting his talent, mastering
his lyrical ability to freestyle and continuing to write. This became a
highly effective outlet to keep himself sane and doubled as a vow to
himself that if he ever had a chance of release, he would put his all
into his dreams and step up and make them reality. This became
Permashine's motivation and renewed driving force to prove himself
worthy of the industry's continual developments. Sure enough, after
15 months, he was found not guilty and released on December 10th,
2002. Since his release, Permashine found himself back in the studio
working towards his debut album "Dirty Money", produced by Jinxbeatz,
as well as securing numerous guest appearances on other artist's
Through his highs and lows, Permashine received the most support
from Jinxbeatz, as well as his closest friends; K.P., Intence, and of
course, last but not least, God. Amongst his list of musical influences,
he has included the likes of; RUN- DMC, Ice T, Mobb Deep,
and P-Diddy. When asked what makes him different from all the
other artists trying to break into the industry, he replied, "Every single
track I make is different. Different feelings. Different topics, but at the
same time…every line is me. It's real…it's the truth…and I make the
truth sound good". That being said, the talented 26 year old artist is
using his confidence, integrity, persistence, dedication, and hard
work along with natural talent to show that he has what it takes to
reach, and surpass the 'next level'. This goal has never caused him
to fall short of the initial plan, which is to show the rest of the world a
taste of what Hamilton has to offer to the urban music industry.
The Permashine CD will be released late summer 2005 with the catchy
relaxed single, titled "Go Now" featuring a guest appearance by crooning
RnB singer, "Isis".