Perpetual e-Motion

Perpetual e-Motion

 Whitefield, Maine, USA

Perpetual e-Motion is high quality, passionate and professional. Our music is based in tradition, with a progressive vision. We play electronic instruments with components, hand built by us for a tailored sound that is true to our roots. We push the envelope yet stay true to the tradition.


Perpetual e-Motion begins with the simple statement of traditional, often recognizable dance tunes from Europe and Americas, and proceed to notch it up into a thrilling composition of complex poly-rhythms, melody and counter melody scaffolding exotic and lush chord structures into an amazingly satisfying musical performance drawing from Celtic, bluegrass, jazz and electronic influences. The duo is highly regarded throughout New England for their ability to provide hours of driving, pulsating music for contra dances, which rely on traditional dance tunes as a backdrop.
What influences our music? Bands such as: Afro Celt Sound System, Darol Anger, Dr. Didge, Martin Bennet, Baka Beyond, George Winston


Debut CD
can find all tracks online at our website, under Music tab>
We have tracks streaming on Celtic radio online.

What is Perpetual e-Motion? Check out this film made about us:
Epsilon Films video on Perpetual e-Motion

One of many Youtube fan videos with 100's dancing
Perpetual e-Motion - Dance Flurry 2011 - "Flying Tent"

Set List

We tailor each performance to suit the needs of the venue and parent organization. We play both traditional tunes arranged by us and those composed by ourselves and our colleagues.