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"This Hour Album review"

Perpetual End’s debut album This Hour is a 13-track musical experience that words can barely begin to describe. This band from Canberra, Australia has created an epic journey of musical and lyrical brilliance that is unrivaled. Recorded in their own studio, the sound quality is warm and crystal clear. Dean McLaren on lead vocals is a solid presence throughout the album and is accompanied wonderfully by Danny Falls on lead guitar and backing vocals. Also on guitar is Leith Wilson, who is rounded out nicely by Nick Smith on drums and Lindsay Mercovich on bass. Adding a classical elegance to the album is TJ Truesdale on keyboards and synth. This collective has a tight, alternative metal sound coupled with classical influences that make each track a unique experience.

Each piece of music on This Hour has strength enough to stand alone and the flow of the album is fascinating. From the opening track to the last notes of the closing one, listeners will be held captive, enjoying each offering with rapt attention. “Hate Mail” kicks things off and the melodic guitar work sets the pace for this heavy number and angry lyrics. The instrumentation is stellar and this piece rolls smoothly from hard rock to theatrical rock opera without a hitch. Truesdale’s keyboard work is the perfect compliment to the killer guitar solo and McLaren’s vocals are strong and delivered with complete confidence.

After this majestic opening number, Perpetual End just keeps it coming with “The World Is Changing,” a thought provoking piece with intelligent lyrics and a melodic hook that tugs at the heart. Lamenting the state of the world at large, this song alternates between a resigned sadness and a blazing rage that is barely contained. This song effortlessly melds into “Inside This Hour” which is one of the more intricate tracks on the album. With harshly delivered lyrics, this piece is gritty and bordering on metal, but the heaviness is perfectly balanced by harmonious breaks throughout. What truly makes this song extraordinary is the incredible musicianship, particularly the guitar solo and the haunting keyboard work at the end that changes the entire feel of the song and turns it into a work of art.

“Outside This Hour” begins with a slower pace before morphing into a Dream Theater-esque composition with softer vocals and lyrics that carry a darker edge tinged with despair. Perpetual End are masters of smooth rhythms that effortlessly traverse the broad range of musical scales and tempos, as is evidenced within this track. “Modern Echo” takes a slightly different approach with hints of electronica. The sound quality is excellent throughout the album, but this offering has an even more pronounced clarity. Every note is heard and acknowledged, particularly Smith’s intricate drum work which is coupled perfectly with Mercovich’s bass lines. “Pushed To The Side” begins with a low-key harmony of voices and quickly becomes what Perpetual End does best. The guitar work by Falls and Wilson is simply jaw dropping and the graceful transitions between hard-hitting chords and melodic hooks are flawless.

“We Found A Way” is the quintessential guitar driven hard rock song, laden with grinding chords and addictive hooks. McLaren’s vocals are spot on and he hits a few high notes in between his metal growling and melodic crooning. His vocal prowess really shines through in this piece, not to mention the tight performance of each band member with regards to instrumentation. “Hormones and Leather” could be considered a ballad, if this was a band that wrote ballads. Its slower pace and heartfelt vocals will endear it to listeners. The lyrics are candidly open and this track shows a side to Perpetual End that fans have not yet seen. The guitar solo will make the heart melt and Truesdale’s keyboard playing is exquisite. There is a slight bit of discord with regards to the background vocals and the lead vocals, which gives this track a somewhat eccentric feel, but this only adds to its romantic charm.

“Burning House” brings back the electronic element of Perpetual End and the sound is simply amazing. The production and engineering of this piece is beyond expectations. With a flair for the dramatic, this piece is rife with incredible guitar work, strong vocals and theatrical composition. “I Am” continues in this vein and it seems to be an extension of the previous song with harder hitting drums and a more metal edge with melodic breaks throughout. Dream Theater again comes to mind and this epic piece will surely be a classic. “2303.” is an intricate and beautiful piece of music with elegant piano playing, extraordinary vocals and lyrics that reach into the soul and stay for a while. The guitar work, as always, is nothing short of phenomenal. This is Perpetual End at their extreme best.

“Her Inner Scent” carries a slower pace that is reminiscent of A Perfect Circle. This track has a haunting quality to it that exudes beauty with lyrics that drip with pain. This is Perpetual End’s love song, and it rocks just as hard as anything else. This Hour closes with “Last To Know,” which is a good song to exit on. Each member of the band gets his chance to shine in this piece and the journey of this album ends on a note of melancholy glory. For being a debut album, this exquisite collection of musical art is a testament to the strength of Perpetual End and the creative brilliance that has barely been tapped. Fans will wait eagerly for the follow up album, although it’s hard to imagine anything topping this one.

Review by Rhonda Readence
Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)
- Rhonda Readence


Perpetual End - Self Titled 2009

All 4 tracks from that EP can be heard on Jango Internet Radio

Perpetual End - This Hour 2011



Perpetual End is a six-piece alternative metal band from Canberra, Australia. Formed in 2005, they released a self-titled EP in early 2009, and after expanding their line-up and refining their sound began working towards their next release.

They have just released their debut full-length album, "This Hour". Both angry and fragile, the songs all convey a sense of isolation, paranoia and menace. Recorded over a two year period, the thirteen tracks were written, produced and recorded by the band in their own studio. The detail and passion they have poured into the songs is evident from the start of the first track, using orchestral melodies, harmonies and synth-heavy ambience as backdrops for the vocal-driven pieces.

Perpetual End are in the process of filming two video clips for tracks from the record, and are currently performing venues across Australia, bringing the intensity and grit of the album to their live shows. "This Hour" is available for purchase from or through iTunes.

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