Perpetual Jet Lag

Perpetual Jet Lag


Perpetual Jet Lag is a rock band with original as well as covered music. Their music has influences of hard rock, metal, grunge, and progressive rock, and is mostly described as "epic." Energy flows in PJL's performances and their songs get the audience excited as well.


Perpetual Jet Lag or "PJL" is an emerging hard rock band, the members of which all currently attend High School in Federal Way.

With commanding, distorted guitars, pumping, treble bass, thunderous drums, and varied vocal styles, PJL is a force of epic nature.

They formed October 2007, slowly learning cover songs and developing a large set list. Later in 2008, they began writing their own music, and recorded a simple demo CD of 4 covers and 1 original song in December.

PJL's main influence comes from the grunge artists of Seattle, especially Nirvana. Their original music is also influenced by Green Day, Metallica, the Presidents, and other rock artists. They use the best qualities of these bands and genres and create their music in the liking of wind ensemble score music to generate an epic feeling.



Panda Land

Written By: Perpetaul Jet Lag

Way down in the depths of Asia
Beneath the bamboo leaves
There lives a mighty creature
Whose quest you can’t perceive

Gleaming colors, black and white,
Claws sharp as knives
His enemies all run in fear
With terror in their eyes

Panda! Protecting his land to be free
Why should they have to pay for our greed?
This is a land of endangered bears
Taken for granted without a care
Hope you enjoy it while it lasts
Sooner or later it’s a thing of the past

The creature may be mighty
But he’s weak to the metal man
He used to rule this jungle
But it’s become a human’s wasteland

Where oh where can the panda go
Now that his home is taken
The true beast comes from within
With the metal man awakened!


Demo CD - Perpetuation Coveration.
The music is playing on our myspace page:

Set List

Our average set list can be an hour or longer.
We play our currently few original songs along with many covers, from bands like Nirvana, Green Day, White Stripes, Weezer, Presidents of the United States of America, and more.