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"Elkstock Interview"

The Ever-Changing Sound of
Perpetual Never

In the Northern Michigan musical waters that are awash with cover bands, Perpetual Never swims against the tide by offering more original music.
The three-piece progressive rock band will take the stage this Saturday as part of the first ElkStock. The band will also play Friday and
Saturday night at the Fireball Lounge in Kalkaska.
Formed a few years ago as a four-piece with a heavy jazz influence, the band evolved into a power trio rooted in the progressive approach.
"Our approach is that everything has been done before musically so we are trying to step out and do something different," said drummer Dan Rinckey. "It is easy for bands to go for that comfort zone and stick to the known. We are trying to search out and found those musical unknowns."
The unknown approach can have a very lonely road especially when it comes to getting gigs.
"We have had to give a little bit and incorporate three to four covers into each of our sets. This is just the way it is around here," said Rinckey. "But it doesn't have to be that way forever; there are bands like us trying to change the scene."
Rinckey who grew up around Traverse City is the newest member of the band, joining in December of 2006. He joins bass player Evan "Eval" Prahl and guitarist Ben Richey.
"My sister works up at the mall and so does Evan, they were talking one day and he told her that his band needed a drummer, she floated my name," said Rinckey. "I had heard of Perpetual Never because the guy who taught me how to play drums was their original drummer."
Perpetual Never takes a melodic in-your-face type approach to their music. Stylistically, their music changes frequently -- often within the same song.
"We are not a listen to us one and fall in love with us type of band," said Rinckey. "Our music requires thought and takes time to appreciate it. But it grows on you, the more you listen, versus the opposite approach of it becoming tiresome after awhile."
Rinckey and his band mates would have it no other way than being on a journey of musical exploration.
"This is about creating an art form, not duplicating or copying someone else's work," said Rinckey. "For me personally, I am into bands like Tool who also take this progressive approach. At the end of the day for us there is more meaning in what we are doing."
Perpetual Never released their CD "Rewritten In Stone" last November. Their song "The Black Love" is an example of their constant stylistic changes within the same song. One gets the sense that one song is actually three or four songs rolled together.
Lyrically, the group is thought provoking and strong by capturing a range of societal emotions. This expressive band is a refreshing change to what at times is a cookie cutter approach to the music scene. Be sure to check them out. Get a sneak peak at They will perform this Friday and Saturday at 9 p.m. at the Fireball Lounge in Kalkaska and Saturday afternoon at ElkStock. - The Northern Express


Rewritten In Stone
Radio airplay - YES
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Perpetual Never formed in 2006, and after a few lineup changes, things were finally set in stone in April of 2007. We started recording our debut album titled Rewritten In Stone and had the completed project in hand by October 2007. Influenced by a melting pot of creative artists, (Tool, Dream Theater, Opeth ect.) our album is the starting point of an evolution of what is to come.

Shooting for change and a different perspective we strive to bring Progressive Rock/Metal to the mainstream. Our songs are packed with tempo/meter/key changes and a lyrical perspective that is personal and meaningful, we sound like no one else. We hope to alter the mindset people have on music. Let's face it, 4/4 and four chords are washed up and overrated and to hear that song after song is getting old and people are catching on.

We are always writing new music and pushing ourselves to achieve what we are after and what we are after is to make you the listener a fan.

To view videos and much more visit our main site : or our myspace at