Perpetual Never

Perpetual Never


Perpetual Never is the new evolution of progressive music (rock/metal). We strive for the listener to have a new musical experience. Technically speaking, on paper, our music is wild and confusing, yet to the ear very pleasing.


Perpetual Never formed in 2006, and after a few lineup changes, things were finally set in stone in April of 2007. We started recording our debut album titled Rewritten In Stone and had the completed project in hand by October 2007. Influenced by a melting pot of creative artists, (Tool, Dream Theater, Opeth ect.) our album is the starting point of an evolution of what is to come.

Shooting for change and a different perspective we strive to bring Progressive Rock/Metal to the mainstream. Our songs are packed with tempo/meter/key changes and a lyrical perspective that is personal and meaningful, we sound like no one else. We hope to alter the mindset people have on music. Let's face it, 4/4 and four chords are washed up and overrated and to hear that song after song is getting old and people are catching on.

We are always writing new music and pushing ourselves to achieve what we are after and what we are after is to make you the listener a fan.

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Written By: Perpetual Never


Separated me from birth it’s a lie
Programming me inside do not die
Tormenting me is you walls of glass
Appetite is growing thin cannot last

I needed you here
one body’s not enough
Stop feeding me with guilt
Give me a reason ‘fore I wilt

Upside down curled in a jar spider smiles
Friends attacking each other set the dial
Circumstances are very numb cold to touch
Comfort level is nothing much enough’s enough


Limitations are being stretched I’ve not grown
Purposely done for a cause though unknown
Memories of what I hear it’s a drone
Shackled up and sealed tight I’m alone


In Mutiny

Written By: Perpetual Never

In Mutiny

Bearing wings to overthrow the next hundred years it’s enough to undertake a final bow then we realize it could all wash away

Lights flashing, serenity passing a sign pick your fruit before you collide
now it’s time to surpass what you can’t see - In Mutiny

A broken stream redirects a path of residual dreams it’s enough to undermine a landslide then we realize it has all washed away


can’t stop now – faster somehow
are you charged yet? then let it out!
children of the storm never wishin’ they were born come and turn your life around don’t be a coward anymore stand up get out the door
there’s somethin’ for you in this town go see you life through someone else’s eyes you’ll then wish that you were blind

A boulder side to climb to only find that your train has been lost
it’s enough to underestimate the thought then you realize it had all washed away


Three Part Dream

Written By: Perpetual Never

3 Part Dream

As I fall asleep, do I dare dream about

We were told to be careful and not go up

As I stood looking into the attic I

See there’s someone looking back at me

We can’t pass up the chance to live our dream

What’s inside scares her as she signs the deed

We kept filling this house with things we loved

and we overlooked what watched from above

Do I do something about what’s haunting me

It’s not right, it’s not fair - please leave us be

Do I turn, do I open the door to find

All I’ve thought, all I’ve felt is in my mind

The Black Love

Written By: Perpetual Never

The Black Love

Your shallow eyes can’t see past the outer shell

Sympathy for you

The one who is empty and hollow

Fear closes you – hope is gone


Don’t look just feel

just know the inner workings life and soul

Love derived from everything

The Black Love

Sympathy for you : The unaware

Because you, because you don’t know

Never will you know – never will you see

You will never feel the knowledge of the deep

So close your mind and close your heart and never let anything in

Keep your state of ignorance and love will never win


Capital Vices

Written By: Perpetual Never

Capital Vices

Turning shades of violet - sitting on a broken wheel

Failing credit when it’s due them – does their pride bother you

Do you desire what others have

Do they deserve what you lack


Educate me – spare me from my basic human instinct

Wicked passions arise – impacting on other lives

Chastise me in hell – fatal to my betterment

Sanctions rarely applied – out of love: would you deny

Turning shades of orange – force fed to eat toads

Consume more than you need – leaving order of reason

Do you want her or do you need her

Where’s the afterlife over this life



Folding vainglory for pride

Declaring what is and what’s not a crime

Who’s to say what [sin] is major or minor

It’s your choice either way you decide

Turning shades of yellow – put in cauldrons of boiling oil

How much can you gain – putting poor in their place

Excuse the killings – motivated by love

So much ardor – for the one above



Rewritten In Stone
Radio airplay - YES
Streaming on several sites - YES

Set List

Our current set list consists of 13 original songs and a barrage of covers ranging from Tool, Sublime, Pink Floyd, and many others. We are constantly learning new material to keep the audience satisfied.