Perrin Lamb

Perrin Lamb


Emerging from the ever growing pack of modern singer/songwriters, Perrin Lamb has worked tirelessly to develop a unique sound and point of view. Perrin's 2007 release BE THIS WAY, the title track of which has been placed in several major TV series', and has garnered praise from all over webdom.


Born in Alabama...raised in Mississippi...baptized by music and raised to walk through the valley of the shadow of Nashville. The pen and the guitar they comfort him....He WILL lie down in green pastures


Newborn Child

Written By: Perrin Lamb

Nowhere to go from here
But downhill
I hear the deafening sound of tires
futilely spinning
but going nowhere fast

Tomorrow night
I'll make a change to do things right
tomorrow night
I'll be like a newborn child

Clawing from underneath
the thumb of this town
poetic lines round my eyes
read like a novel
with no beginning
and no grand ending


Be This Way - EP - 2007
Feels Like Home - EP - 2008