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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009

New York City, New York, United States
Established on Jan, 2009
Solo Hip Hop




"XXL's The Break Presents: Perrion"

Name: Perrion a.k.a Perry Eats

Age: I’m 21 years old and I look 12, but it’s all gravy.

Reppin’: I’m from Harlem, New York City, home of Big L, Dipset, Ma$e, Jae Millz, A$AP, and many others.

My style and/or skills have been compared to: I used to get compared to Tyler and Earl, nowadays I hear Biggie, Curren$y, and Mac Miller. I don’t think I sound anything like Mac Miller.

My standout records and/or moments have been: Well, I’m actually having my standout moment right now in California. I got flown out here, and I’m getting paid to headline a dope show in Santa Barbara. I’m in Venice now at a hotel with some of my closest friends, mad good Cali trees, and money in my pocket to feed myself. I must say it’s a real blessing to be where I am now. I’d say that my stand out project is From Paris With Love. Poyz&Pirlz, a French clothing brand, sponsored the tape, shipped me free clothes, and flew me out to Paris to release it and do shows. It’s definitely the best project out, especially because of the production from Myth Syzer. Myth is awesome to work with and his beats just fit my style. I can easily write to any beat he sends me without a problem. Big ups to Dabaaz and Pol for hooking me up with Poyz&Pirlz, Myth, and everyone else in France.

I’m gonna change the game by: Just by me being myself. I’m going to keep making the music I make and stay versatile. A lot of rappers box themselves in by not switching up their style or sound, and end up getting washed up. I’m definitely looking to branch out and mature as an artist, rather than just making the same shit that I made last year. “Only time for progression, no need to relapse” is a line off my song “Turn of the Tide,” and a lot of rappers should live by it. It’s not just me who’s going to change the game alone. It’s about my whole team and the people I keep around me. HOME Team is going to change the game.

I’d Like to Work With: I would like to work with all of the artists that I used their beats from on Circuit Breaker. I’ve become a big chill wave fan ever since I got put onto it. I also want to work with people outside of music. I’m looking forward to working with companies in the skateboarding community just ‘cause when I started making music again, skateboarding had a huge impact on my life. It’s already beginning to happen, thanks to Patrick O’Dell for hooking me up with Altamont, a dope skate clothing brand, who just blessed me with some clothes and a chance to skate at the Berrics [editor’s note: it’s a privately owned skate park of professional skaters Steve Berra and Eric Koston].

My goal in hip-hop is: To make it as an iconic figure that did something great for hip-hop. I want to be known as someone who isn’t just a great rapper or a producer, but be known for my characteristics and a person who did something monumental. Whether it’d be great shows or helping out with different problems around the world. I’m trying to make a global impact, and live forever. - XXL Magazine

"Perrion x Myth Syzer "From Paris With Love""

Poyz and Pirlz nous présente la mixtape “From Paris With Love”, du Mc new yorkais Perrion & du beatmaker parisien Myth Syzer. On retrouve dans ce 19 titres des featurings tels que Jae Millz de Young Money, A$AP Ferg du A$AP Mob ou encore le Mc montpellierain Joke sur le titre French Toast.
Poyz & Pirlz and presents the mixtape “From Paris With Love” from the New York Mc Perrion & Myth Syzer the french beatmaker. 19 tracks with the presence of Jae Millz from Young Money, A$AP Ferg from A$AP Mob or the french Mc from Montpellier, Joke. -

"Entree Spring NYC Look Book"

Perrion - Entree Life Style

"Mishka Spring NYC Look Book"

Perrion is wearing: Cyrillic Script Starter Snapback (in Heather Gray), Deliverance Flannel Shirt (in Red & Black), Scout Workpants (in Khaki). - Mishka

"Mishka Spring NYC Look Book"

Perrion is wearing: Heismann Snapback (in Black), 420th Squadron Crewneck (in Black), DART Utility Pants (in Slate Grey). - Mishka

"SPIN's 5 Best New Artists for February '12"


Who: A Harlem-based 21-year-old rapper, whose new mixtape From Paris With Love, produced entirely by French beatmaker Myth Syzer, drops on February 28. With ties to A$AP Rocky and Young Money foot soldier Jae Millz, Perrion pulls you into the same Google-dazed post-chillwave Pandora's box opened by Clams Casino, and then he eloquently convinces you he owns the place.

File Next To: Fabolous, Lil B, A$AP Rocky, Spaceghost Purrp, Kendrick Lamar

Where to Start: From Paris With Love's multi-faceted statement of purpose "Everything," with silky '80s-zonked beats and a throaty contemplation from Jae Millz, who introduces the phrase "Groundhog Day grind." - Spin Magazine


I was first introduced to NYC's Perrion while checking out his recent studio session with Joey Bada$$ and Bryant Dope. With a little searching and visiting Jungle Gym Magazine, I stumbled upon Perrion's latest visual "The Last Song". The thing that caught my ears was how smooth he was able to flow over MF DOOM's instrumental "Last Song" with ease. Watch the vid above and make sure to check out Perrion's latest projects Circuit Breaker and Le Bourgeon. - Hype Beast

"“Surrounded By My Upbringing”"

We have already told you that 21 year-old Perrion is one of the dopest emcees coming out of the city right now. With his smooth flow and his authentic Harlem bravado there is no doubt this cat will be all over the place in a year or so. I was able to kick it with him and his manager Andrew “Roo” Rivera to speak about the past, present, and future for the up and coming rapper. - Jungle Gym Magazine

"Circuit Breaker Review"

Today is just a quick review of a free mixtape ‘Circuit Breakers’ from 20 year old rapper Perrion. Before checking out this mixtape, I had never heard of Perrion and only downloaded this on a whim as wanted to check out some talented, new producers. Surprisingly, this wasn’t what I got; I already knew all of the producers, just not from producing any rap music. All the producers featured on the album have carved out their careers either producing chillwave (Washed Out & Neon Indian) or various forms of instumental hip-hop (Lone, Onra & Bibio). It’s a daring experiment for the Harlem resident but one which I think works a treat.

Lyrically, it’s the same stlye and content as fellow NYC rapper ASAP Rocky (Matt’s review of his mixtape can be found here) and Spaceghostpurrp; fucking bitches, making money etc. There are also some guest verses from some of the ASAP crew (ASAP Soloman Faye & ASAP Ferg) and does have shout-outs to both Rocky & Spaceghost so they are obvious an influence on him (among others). Whilst it’s not breaking any new ground, it works because these mixtapes are mainly focused on the production rather than the lyrics (or for me anyway) so they can get away with it whilst the production is good. Perrion’s flow on the album is very good, especially as the ‘beats’ on this album aren’t made specifically for rapping over so he holds the mixtape together really well which makes it a really enjoyable listen.

And this leads me onto the production of the album. I wouldn’t have thought that the tracks produced by Washed Out and Neon Indian would work as rap tracks, but these are the 4 that work best on the album, especially “If I Knew, I’d Tell You” (listen Below) and “Feel It All Around”. Onra, who contributes 3 tracks to the album, is one I’m going to keep an eye out for; his broken beat, funky instrumental hip-hop beats compliment Perrion’s flow perfectly and they sound like they’d be sweet tracks by themselves. It’s the same style as one of Manchester’s Hoya:Hoya resident Lone (who also contributes), and this compliments the more chilled out tracks from the chillwave producers. There is also have a contribution from Bibio with the track ‘Fire Ant’, but this is my least favorite track on the album. The high pitched, disjointed vocal samples on the track clash with Perrion’s rapping and sounds cluttered & messy, this is where the experiment doesn’t really work. - Cracks In The 45

"Don't stop Lyrics"

Verse 1:
Supreme beanie with the widows peak peekin'
Never Tweakin', as a youngin' freakin' shorties had em sneakin'
Out their house on the week days
Hoping that they don't get caught creepin' out the crib while their moms sleepin' - Rap Genius

"Lookbook Photo Shoot with Rapper Perrion"

Perrion, a rapper from Harlem, NY joins Entree LS and its photo shoot for the 2012 Fall Lookbook releasing in late September! - Entree Life Style

"Perrion Is French For Dope Rapper"

Ay yo, big 24 hours for our homie Perrion. First he popped up in our brand new Spring 2012 Lookbook, then he dropped an ill new mixtape onto the earth. A collaborative project with Parisian beatmaker Myth Syzer, From Paris With Love brings together the best of the Big Apple and the City Of Lights for 19 tracks of straight fire.

Featuring guest spots from Young Money‘s Jae Millz and fellow rising NY rapper ASAP Ferg, this tape is sure to be another step in Perrion’s inevitably journey to blowing the fuck up. What better way to start a Tuesday than with some free quality raps, na’mean? - Mishka Blog

"10 Young Rap Projects That Deserve More Attention"

Upon initial encounter, many will dismiss 20 year old Perrion as a Tyler, The Creator ripoff; especially when watching his video for “Seamless”. But if you dig a little deeper, and listen to the rest of his latest mixtape, Le Bourgeon (free download here), you’ll find that he’s no biter. Based in New York City, Perrion’s flows and beats show a much stronger classic hip-hop sensibility than similar young acts. And while he cites Odd Future as influential (along with Pharrell and Kanye), he makes it clear that he’s been skating and making music since well before the success of Tyler, et al. He and his brother, Microphone Preview, are the founding force behind H.O.M.E. (High Off Music Entertainment) with a current roster 13-deep. - SSG Music

"GoodFella Radio interviews rapper PERRION"

GoodFella Radio show interviews Harlem rapper PERRION - GoodFella Radio

"Perrion Interview"

Harlem-based rapper Perrion is blowing up fast – now’s the time to catch up and get to know him a little better before he begins invading your airwaves and TV screens.

The good folks over at GoodFella Media recently sat down with Perrion and chopped it up, resulting in a dope interview which teaches us a lot about the young & talented MC that we didn’t know!

For instance – he was in Dipset‘s “Purple City Byrd Gang” video back in the day (he’s one of the kids riding a bike!) and fellow Harlem rapper Jae Millz is his godbrother – he was even part of the Most Hated crew for “like 2 weeks” when he was 11.

It gets even more interesting than that, check the whole interview out for yourself above.

Btw – if Tyler, the Creator is reading this – Perrion challenges you to a game of skate! - Strawberry Blunt


Finally managed to get an interview with one of my favourite new artists, Perrion. Born Perry Rodriguez in Washington Heights but raised in Harlem, this producer/skater/rapper began rapping around age 8 with his older brother Microphone Preview. At age 13 he and his brother were signed to Universal Records, and then dropped due to changes in management. Perry stopped writing for a minute but started again and dropped a mixtape titled ‘The Perception” in 2010, which was inspired by the movie Inception.
I personally first heard his music with the following mixtape titled ”Le Bourgeon” which earned him acclaim from influential music blog Hypetrak for his seamless flow and unique production style. His latest project titled ”Circuit Breaker” is conceptualized as a Hip-Hop meets Trillwave clash with Perry flowing over songs by Neon Indian and Onra, I can guarantee that you’ve heard NOTHING like it.
Check out the interview below and follow him
Twitter: @PerryEats , Facebook: PCPBeats , Official Website: - Borderline Sanity

"Interview with Benz and Backpack"

With the epic success of Odd Future, it was only a matter of time before more hip-hop skating, do-it-yourself collectives started appearing in the music world. Perrion and his brother, Microphone Preview, have been building up their own posse, High Off Music Entertainment (or HOME), based out of NYC and Atlanta. The most recent release from their group is Perrion’s Le Bourgeon mixtape. With creative production and solid lyrics covering a range of topics, Le Bourgeon is an enjoyable summer listen. Hit the skip for the full text of our interview with the young jedi. - Benz and Backpack

"Perrion x Bryant Dope x Joey Bada$$ Studio Session"

Recently we were invited to a private studio session in Midtown, Manhattan by our newest feature Perrion. We were on a mission to take some flicks of him but then we decided to stay when we realized what was going on. Perry was recording a song with the 19 year old emcee Bryant Dope from Queens, he then told us that 17 year old Joey Bada$$ was on his way through from Brooklyn. All three of these young emcee’s from NYC together to collab on one track for the first time. These dudes are so young but they have the skills of rappers who’s been in the game for 10 years+.
With all the new kids hopping on the trill wave, these 3 here stuck to their roots and kept it raw on the mic. The video below shows them working and vibing together, gettin’ straight to the music. The song is untitled and will be premiering next week from Bryant Dope, stay tuned, enjoy. - Jungle Gym Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



Born in Washington Heights on December 20th, 1990 and raised in Harlem, Perry "Perrion" Rodriguez developed an ear for urban hip hop music at an early age. Artists like Jay Z, Tupac and Notorious B.I.G., as well as Wu Tang Clan, had a big impact on him growing up. His fondest memories growing up was bonding with his father on weekly outings to The WIZ electronic store to purchase the latest rap albums. Perrion admits this influenced his rapping at the tender age of 8 when he started to "bust rhymes and beat box" with his brother Rafael "Preview" Rodriguez at home.

At age 11, Perrion appeared on the public access rap show Mad Cyphers with his older cousin Jae Millz and brother Preview. So driven by music he was self taught to play the drums when he was 12, and later started a band with his friends. When Perrion turned 13, he and Rafael were signed to Universal Records. Besides going on tours, they appeared in music videos such as "Who" with Jae Millz and "Take It Slow" with Oryan. Their parents and Universal Records opted to terminate the contract, which gave him time to enjoy his teens which lead to his second passion Perrion picked up skateboarding in The Heights of New York City. Perrion moved to Marietta, Georgia and finished his last year of high school there. After his first year living in Marietta, he decided to start making beats and writing raps again.

In the winter of 2010, Perrion dropped his debut mixtape, Perception, inspired by the academy award winning film, Inception. Perrion's previous experience shined through on the tape which reminded people of Curren$y and early Wiz Khalifa. Still Perry was not satisfied, with a few self-produced tracks done for his next project, Le Bourgeon, he looked to improve his raps and step his game up for his small following.

Perrion now boasts over a few thousand fans on Facebook and Twitter, and has thousands of video views on his Youtube. He continued his success with the Electro-inspired mixtape Circuit Breaker, which dropped on 11-11-11. Circuit Breaker executive produced by LivLife Productions, had the street buzzing. Perrion has stepped up lyrically and created a new lane for himself as he merged Hip-Hop and Electro. Perrion opened up for ASAP Rocky at The Masquerade in ATL on the eve of his new project, than headlined in Paris to join forces with Poyz N Pirlz to release the NEW project "From Paris With Love" super producer Myth Syzer on February 16, 2012 and performed 3 major shows. With his much anticipated latest project " From Perry With Love" due to release in January 2013, one can be sure Perrion is staking his claim in the Music Industry and he is off to a great start.

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