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"In Your Ear Concert"

Unless you've frequented Milwaukee-area basment or coffeehouse shows in recent years, you might have not had the pleasure of being exposed to the refreshingly familar band that is PERRY. Inspired by cult grunge-era bands such as the Pixies, Mevlins, and Tad, PERRY delivers fuzzy 90's rock with unabashed tributary ardor. With their take on straight-up grunge rock, the local trio are poised to extend their roots beyond the sometimes limiting underground music scene. The original members Eric Arsnow (Vocals, Guitar), and Jason Bucher (bass), were longtime high school buddies. The band's current line-up was completed with the addition of Arsnow's younger brother, Jordan, on drums, who was initially considered a temporary replacement but meshed so well with the band that he became a permanent member. PERRY has three full length albums recorded (2003's There's People in Here!", 2004's "Seattle", and 2005's "Medication"), and the band also plays covers during its live set. It's common to start a band with lofty dreams of playing at Madison Square Garden, perhaps opening for an internationally known act. But how many bands form out of the desire to play with a regional act that opened for Local H? That's how PERRY started. "The opening act for Local H was this rad band called Sullen from St. Louis," Arsnow said. "I wasn't aware, but I guess Jason got in contact with Sullen and was trying to set up a New Year's Eve show here in Wisconsin for them to come and play at. When he told me this, we were both sad that we weren't in a grunge-ish band to be able to play with them, so we formed PERRY." Arsmow is the first to point out that his band isn't necessarily about excessive studio enhancement or recording. "We don't hide what we do behind effects or lots of complicated, drawn-out, melodic songs. We go straight for the throat and provide the rawest form of music. We just do what we feel is necessary to portray our emotions through our music. We're (visual) artists, and in that sences, we like to look at how we can incorporate art in what we do." In fact, the band takes its signature art form a step further, playing basement shows with full-on conceptual sets. "Our last show featured a red room with red furniture, lamps, exit signs, anything that was red or could be painted red," Arsnow said.

"PERRY Makes it Look Easy"

Straight out of Hartland, Wis, armed with determination and a raw sound, local rock band PERRY has been playing together for more than four years in basements around the city. Made up of brothers Eric (lead guitar, vocals) and Jordan Arsnow (drums) and their long-time friend Jason Bucher (bass guitar, backing vocals), PERRY was conceived by Eric, Jason and original drummer Billy Bungle as part of a New Year's extravaganza in 2002. The boys wrote six songs in their first week together and realized they had the formula for a great band. Their latest album, Medication (2005), was a limited release of 50 copies, all of which were handmade in what the band calls the "PERRY Sweatshop" the night before the release. They say a new album is in the works for this summer for which they want to record more of their live sound. "We've been doing a lot of play by play lately, and we want to try and get away from that," said Eric. Playing mainly in Jason's east side basement, the boys try to bring a raw energy to their shows "Eric doesn't sweat, but I'm drenched every time," said Jason while Eric admits to attempting karate onstage. They tend to change around the basement scenery for ever show "We're all visual artists as well, and we like to put that nito the show as much as possible." The hands-on trio likes to get down and dirty, playing on the floor with their audience. Their most faithful fans have a tendency to get right up on the microphone with them and sing aloud to band favorites like "Jamar" and "Charlie". It's not difficult for a new listener to sing along, either. They cover such great familiar songs as "Where is My Mind?" by alt. rock band Pixies and "Alright Oh Yeah" by hard rock band Local H.
The Times: What makes PERRY stand out? Why should people listen to you?
Eric: We're not really in it for anything but the music. We sort of have a cult following and we really like that.
The Times: Who would you say are you biggest influences?
Jason: Local H, Sullen, Mudhoney, and Deftones
Eric: This is a hard question. I'll say Foo Fighters, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Cure, The Melvins and Jucifer.
Jordan: Fear Before the March of Flames, Mew, Nine Inch Nails, Lamb of God and Vinnie Colainta.
The Times: If you could open for any band in the world, living, dead, or disbanded, who would it be?
Eric: The Benedicts
Jason: Local H
The Times: What are your favorite songs to cover?
Jason: Gene Pool by Sullen
Eric : Afterlife Conspiracy by the Benedicts
Jordan: Bigmouth Strikes Again by the Smiths
The Times: How did you come up with the name PERRY?
Jason: Funny story actually. There's this shadow on the lake in Oconomowoc where we used to hang out in high school that looks like Jack the Ripper and we called him PERRY. One night, we were just walking around by the lake trying to think of a band name, and we just decided to name it after the shadow.
Jordan: There's a town in Georgia called PERRY.
Eric: And a street in Watertown
The Times: How long do you hope to be playing together
Eric: As long as people will listen to us.
Jason: Until death, or I can't play anymore
Eric: I think we'll be playing until we're on VH1 Behind the Music. Then we'll have to stop.
The Times: So you want to make a career out of the band?
Jason: We all have careers already. We're all doctors actually.
Eric: I'm a surgeon. - The Times


S/T (2004)
Medicatiion (2005)
You Steal My Sunshine EP (2006)
Never Look Back (2007)
Live! Love! Local H! (Live @ Mirimar 04/07)
We Must See Elvis EP (Live on WMSE 10/07)
Current Record Slotted for 2008



PERRY started with Jason and Eric trying to frantically write songs to open for on of their favorite bands from St. Louis, Sullen. Over the past two years alone, PERRY has headlined every better known Milwaukee club, toured, performed on WMSE and Local Radio in St Louis, and opened for the likes of Local H and The Melvins. Constantly writing music, PERRY releases a cd almost every year and the guys just have a fun time making noise, art, and putting on kinetic shows for their fans as well as any newcomers!