Perry Acker

Perry Acker

 Gig Harbor, Washington, USA

One of the best live bands in the Northwest. Perry Acker's music is original, clean, melodic and identifiable. Compared to many great bands, they have already recorded with 7-Time Grammy Winning Producer DON WAS (Rolling Stones) and showcase Guest Artist LEE OSKAR (WAR) on new CD - Path to Freedom.


Perry Acker is an Award Winning and Emerging Artist to watch in the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

2011 Album - Path to Freedom recorded with 7-Time Grammy Winning Producer Don Was. Perry Acker’s Path to Freedom also featured Guest Artists & Harmonica Virtuoso - Lee Oskar (WAR) on “Moon and the Tide” single. Perry Acker has already opened for National Recording Artists – Vicci Martinez, Neil Citron (Grammy Winning Guitarist) & Paul Rodgers (Bad Company, Free)

However, it’s ultimately Perry Acker's live show that generates the most enthusiastic reviews. Known for their dynamic live shows, Perry Acker returns the passion and melody for today’s music scene like the great bands of the 70’s (Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Supertramp, etc.) Their fan base has compared them as a modern day Beatles group for their clean image, pop hooks and range of musical expression. Perry Acker’s sound is best described by vocalist/guitarist Pete Johnson, “Pop rock, blues… Dave Matthews meets John Mayer with a little bit of Fleetwood Mac and Super Tramp. Put them all in a bucket and mix it around."

Perry Acker has spent the last two years popularizing their unique sound and cranking out unforgettable music. In February 2011, the group’s hard work paid off when they won FORD’s National battle of the bands, Gimme The Gig competition. Due to that success, Perry Acker was chosen as the Winner by 7- Time Grammy Winning Producer Don Was.

However, it’s ultimately Perry Acker's live show that generates the most enthusiastic reviews.

“The group played an amazing set of melodic, pop, rock and jam music on the KISS FM Fisher Green Stage. Take The Beatles and The Grateful Dead, throw them in the mix and you have a beautiful sound that is perfect for a festival setting.”
– Greg Roth, Examiner

Perry Acker formed in Gig Harbor, Washington when vocalist/guitarist Pete Johnson, drummer Grady Lester and bassist Brandon Meade started making music together in high school. Several years later, Pete’s younger brother Mark Johnson joined them on the keyboard followed soon by guitarist Rick Powers. Named after Pete & Mark Johnson’s great-grandfather, Perry Acker was an accomplished Northwest landscape painter and artist.

It’s your turn to see this amazing live band. Then you will learn why there is always a “buzz” surrounding the band – Perry Acker


Place We Go (EP) 2009

Path To Freedom (Album) 2011

Set List

Perry Acker Song List:

Originals -
• The Undertow
• Brittany Jean
• The Moon and the Tide
• Take Me Home
• Out of the Woodwork
• Come on People
• Broke
• Path to Freedom
• Birds
• Climbing Trees
• Stepping Stones
• Prisoner
Free Jam
• Space Man
LA to Sacramento
• Spread The Light
• Groovin Life
• Blues Jam

Covers -
• Tom Petty - Last Dance With Mary Jane
• Eagles - Take It Easy
• Beatles - Little Help From My Friends
• Marshall Tucker Band - Can't You See
• Eric Clapton - After Midnight
• Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing