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three wishes

Written By: perry james chapman

Three Wishes

If I was walking on a beach one day
Found a lamp there in the sand
I’d shine it all up and open the top
And sit there and wait for the man
He would be so grateful
That I had set him free
He would grant me wishes
But he’d only grant me three

And if I had three wishes you know just what I’d do
I’d give one to my daughter
And one to my son
And I’d give the last wish to you

Some people ask for money
Some people they want fame
What would I ask for I have all that I need
Those people who share my name
Would they wish for wisdom
Would they wish for health
Would they wish for love in this world
The greatest kind of wealth


I wait for their decisions
And know good things will come our way
I trust their judgment more than my own
To make us a better day