Perry Thomas / James Watts

Perry Thomas / James Watts


Mainly Blues, some R&b, Funk and rock. Three vocalist which adds depth to the music. Each member is a different age group and comes from a different walk of life. Jacob is a song writer and perry is a composer. They formed a band called ** PC and the Protectors**. A goup album is in the works.


The Group name PC and The Protectors, is fitting for the band. Perry (PC) is a small built blind guy.

Perry has a strong Jazz background, but grew up listening to classic rock and blues.
James likes most style of music, Just recently discovered white folks love the blues. He realised this at The Dusk To Dawwn Blues Fest In Reintesville, Ok. Sept. 1st 2007. He was thrilled when Perry asked him to be part of his performance there.
Jacob likes most music influencecd by Prince and Maxwell. Likes to use his falsesetto voice
Rick Blues influence and most rock styles


Perry Thomas has three albums recorded plus some extra songs. Albums are titled Watch Out,
Under The Influence of Blues, and Mood Swings.
They are instumental albums.
Watch Out - is rock based
Under The Inluence of Blues - Blues styles of course
Mood Swings- Easy listingning, soft Jazz, Big band
All the music composed, arranged and performed by Perry using his keyboard. Except for the song *One Nickel, One Dime* which is a remix of Chile Groove's song. Chile Groove performs that song with Perry.

Set List

It varies depending on time allowed, type of music venue desires, type of gig.