Perry Williams

Perry Williams


Perry Williams and his band are an infectious blend of some of the best musicians in central Kentucky. Their musical versatility sets them apart from other bands; a single set can include blues, rock, folk, country and pop.


“They came here to see you guys.”

Perry Williams is getting accustomed to hearing that.

With a unique sound, a commanding stage presence, and a set list as dynamic as they come, Perry Williams and his right hand man Dale Adams should be accustomed to the compliments. It should come as no surprise that Perry Williams has developed such a great following.

Perry Williams and his band consist of some of the most talented musicians in the region. Williams said when putting together a band that he wanted to be the least talented one of the group. Although humble in his own right, his strategy has worked, as their fusion is nothing short of amazing.

The five member group has rocked in front of crowds as large as 5,000, jamming to popular covers as well as original songs. Perry Williams has been booked in consecutive years for the 4th of July festival in Winchester, KY, opening for “The Classics.”

Together, Perry Williams and Dale Adams (lead guitar) have become a much sought after combination, playing as an acoustic duo in smaller venues. The two continue to be booked monthly at “Hall’s on the River” and “The Waterfront” in Winchester, KY. They are also playing in the "Fourth Street Live" area of Louisville through the summer. This partnership has developed it’s own following, and is available for smaller settings. He and Dale Adams have nearly 40 dates booked this 2008.

Williams has had much success as a singer/songwriter. Perry wrote the music and lyrics for “She Dreams” which has been heard on radio stations in Atlanta, New York and local stations in Kentucky. This single alone has roughly 120,000 of the 402,000 plays on Perry’s myspace page. Perry’s repertoire includes more than 30 original songs. For more samples of his work, please refer to

Whether rocking in front of thousands, or playing at an intimate acoustic venue, Perry Williams and his band are sure to connect with a crowd of any size. Perhaps Perry said it best in his interview with The Sun News, “If it doesn’t make you feel, it’s not music.”


"She Dreams"

Written By: Perry Williams

She Dreams

It’s 6 am and she rises to greet the day
She don’t like it but she does it anyway
She grabs her hat and gloves and buttons up her coat
She’s glad of what she has and at the same time she want more

And she dreams about how things will change
And she cries, because they stay the same
And she finds that her life and love live mostly on a shelf
And the only one she counts on is herself
And she dreams…

The morning goes right by without someone to call
She wonders if she left work would they miss her at all
It’s 12:02 and she meets her friend Joan
Even though she’s with someone she feels all alone

Repeat Chorus:

It takes more than love to make a happy home
But these days she stays alone
All she needs to do is let love find its way
And help her through another day

¼ till 10pm and she watches her T.V.
Someone needs to tell her that love can set you free
She grabs a pillow and folds it into place
And she’d give anything for someone to touch her face

Repeat Chorus:


The CD is in the works...some of the songs are listed below and can be heard at

"She Dreams"
"To Breathe"
"Impossible You"
"Lost Without You"
"It's Just Me"
"Long, Long Road"

Set List

A mixture of original and cover tunes. The ratio depends on the venue and what the show calls for. Sets are 45 minutes and we are able to do up to 4 sets of music. "All" original or "all" cover shows are also available. We have over 80 songs on our list. We mainly play rock and acoustic types of music. "Steamroller Blues" "Purple Haze" "Krypotinte" "Papa's got a Brand New Bag" "Traveling Band" "Come Together" "Smooth" "Feeling Alright" to name a few covers. See discography (above) and for an example of our original songs.