BandHip HopPunk


Perseph one is emotional aggressive driven lyrical female with high energy.And Acellerator is a musician who can play just about anything. The project is textured with synths,samples,and live instrumentation.We have a project available through digital consumsion on cd has shared the stage with acts such as Aesop Rock,Talib Kweli,El-p,Jean Grae,Dizzy Rascal,Daedelus,Jedi Mind Tricks,Krs-One,C-Rayz Walz,Pepper,Blueprint,Brother Ali,K-The-I,Rebirth Brass Band,and Big Juss.Andac has played for Scarface and was the musical director of Solange for 2 years.He is also Grammy nominated for his guitar playing on a gospel song for Music World.
We are looking sor a label that is open minded to many styles and lyrical content. A dedicated booking agency,and public representative.

"a nefarious yelp from a southern city with 8 million blind eyes...
for years perseph one has lent her irregular delivery and swagger to various producers and musicians.
while long time friend andacc tested the globe with a scatter of projects and a array of insruments.
they have combined to give birth to the undescribable.
a two part blistering recipe that cant be consumed by fragile humans.
this is there fight to breath new life into what we find interesting.
both of there everyday awakenings is an ode to this experiment and it will keep going even after the heart stops." Scott Russell Huber-2008


Patients of Timeless Minds 2008 LP

Set List

25-40 min 7 songs
Oh Slippin
black hole one the wall
ey you
crew guaze
bare bones