Progressive Metal band with a fresh approach to metal, using classical, jazz and fusion to express melody.


In the late summer months of 2006 four young men were inspired to start a band that was organically dark and had brutal, twisted melodies. Before long the band was on its feet and had the first show booked. As the show approach they had everything ready except a bassist. A friend, Allee Futterer showed interest in filling the position but the show approached too fast and she did not have enough time to learn the parts. After just the first show the band dismantled and the boys went back to their main projects. By a fluke Allee Futterer and Persia’s original guitarist Matt Deemer met at a party and decided to bring back Persia but with a new line-up. The intent was to create a melting pot of melodic fury, beauty, and dark grooves. By February of 2008 the band had a full line up, until six months later co-founder, Matt Deemer unexpectedly resigned his position. His replacement was found with great difficulty but the band became stronger than ever. With no final changes Persia is and will always be, JACK BEEDLE, ALLEE FUTTERER, KEENAN JOHNSON, NATHAN MEAD, JAMES STRANG, and DAVID YOUNG.


THE EMPIRE- Demo 2008
Self Titled-EP 2009

Set List

Natural Selection(6:30)
Whiskey Leopard(7:05)
Moose on the Loose (6:15)