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"Rising Band bring fans, praise and "real start potential" to Landsdowne Street"

"Whatever comes next, comes next,” said Shah Hadjebi as he leaned in to be heard over the bar chatter. He had a glass in his hand and seemed eager to get back and celebrate with the other members of his band— Persian Blue after their show at Bill’s Bar on Lansdowne Street...

The jazz/ funk rock band has been working its way up the entertainment ladder and has two sold-out shows under its belt, the most recent of those a show at the Boston Hard Rock Café in August. Hadjebi is the mastermind behind the musical group and uses a relaxed approach to manage their performances and balance their personal lives.

“It’s a revolving door,” Hadjebi said. Band members come and go as they please and play almost completely unrehearsed “These guys are pros,” he said, adding that it is usually he who needs the rehearsal time. Even that, he said, happens only once before a show. Persian Blue’s performance at Bill’s Bar was well attended by roughly 75 people, according to the doorman’s count, and was well received.

Hadjebi said he plans to keep things small. “Once a month,” said Hadjebi, “the fans don’t want to hear you play every week.” He does not consider himself a professional musician, but more of a passionate hobbyist. “I need my work, I need my marriage, and I need the music,” Hadjebi said.

Richard Dolabany and his friend, who simply went by Sam D., stood near the bar but kept their eyes focused on the stage. Dolabany had been to the Hard Rock show and has been a big fan of Hadjebi's music. Dolabany and Sam D. said that Persian Blue has a unique sound, although it ~as not the kind of music they normally listen to.

People familiar with Persian Blue say the band has real star potential.
Marc Friedman, a writer with the music review magazine “The Noise,” said that Persian Blue might have success in its future.

“As big of a future as any Boston band,” Friedman said. He has gone
to two thirds of Hadjebi shows, even before the creation of Persian Blue. Friedman, sporting a black Persian Blue t-shirt, was one of the first people inside Bill’s Bar when it opened for the show. He mentioned that the band has undergone a few “revisions” of its membership, but that the group that played at Bill’s Bar was the best yet.

The current roster includes drummer Zeke Martin, bass guitarist Rozhan Razman, keyboardist Peter Hanson, singer Nina Evans and the multitalented Tucker Antell, who played tenor sax, soprano sax and flute during the ten-song set.
Hadjebi said he does not plan more than one show at a time, despite
praise from people like Friedman that the band could do much more.
“It’s just a matter of how big Hadjebi wants to get,” Friedman said.

Jonathan Kim is a journalism student at Boston University
- Fenway News, Nov 2008


Socitey of Children, self titled album and EP, The Other Side (pressed for time), Sound track to the PBS movie "Adventure of a Lifetime", Sound track to the PBS Movie "Rhode Island", Shawn Mclaughlins 2nd Smorgasbord Album, Sister Sorrow (self titled album), Persian Blue (Mantra).



After 30 years of writing, performing, touring and traveling, songwriter Shah Hadjebi decided it's time to explore the world of contemporary jazz/fusion with his new project "Persian Blue". The live band's home base is Boston, MA and is made up of many eclectic and talented musicians with numerous projects and bands of their own.