Persian Blue

Persian Blue

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An eclectic group of some of Boston's best musicians come together to perform jazz/fusion/rock tunes written and recorded by Shah Hadjebi. The artists inspirations for the current album were bands such as Acoustic Alchemy and musicians such as Jeff Beck. Chuck Loeb and Earl Klugh.


After 30 years of writing, performing, touring and traveling, songwriter Shah Hadjebi decided it's time to explore the world of contemporary jazz/fusion with his new project "Persian Blue". The live band's home base is Boston, MA and is made up of many eclectic and talented musicians with numerous projects and bands of their own.


Socitey of Children, self titled album and EP, The Other Side (pressed for time), Sound track to the PBS movie "Adventure of a Lifetime", Sound track to the PBS Movie "Rhode Island", Shawn Mclaughlins 2nd Smorgasbord Album, Sister Sorrow (self titled album), Persian Blue (Mantra).

Set List

Originals: Blue Chip, Cote D'Azur, El Jimador, Appaloosa, Exotica, El Carribe, End of the line, #26, Crimson Wine. Covers: Sade, Brand New Heavies, Sade and more.