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The best kept secret in music


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Debut Album - "Death Is Only the Beginning"


Live Recording: "The Meaning of Live"

"The Meaning of Life"

Upcoming EP: TBA Summer 05

"Pillars of Autumn"


Feeling a bit camera shy


Creating a sound that is equal parts reckless abandon and searing precision, Frotter have established themselves among the elite of Virginia’s musical community, carrying their youthful appeal as a powerful rock band with a measure of talent and mastery otherwise reserved for the most seasoned of players. Their blend of guitar virtuosity, intense lyrical content, and brutal rhythms are a fresh reflection of classic heavy metal, thrash, and progressive influences.
After a few years in the local scene spent building a reputation, Frotter have come into their own as a performance powerhouse; a modern rock show laced with accessible hooks and jaw-dropping displays of proficiency. Cutting through the mix with his haunting voice and resonating presence, singer John Ferguson crafts mellow textures and moody angst around the crunch of guitarists Josh Mason and John Persinger. A yin and yang of melodic shred and fist-pounding riffs, the duo’s inspired playing is given weight by the thumping groove of Dale Justice’s bass and driven home by the punch of Joey Caldwell’s aggressive drumming.
Their debut release, entitled “Death is Only the Beginning”, serves as a fitting introduction to the band, showcasing this young group’s mature songwriting and composition skills, as well as their instinct for intertwining appealing melodies over raw stomp. The album’s opening track, “Addiction” is an instant modern rock hit waiting to be heard, and is only the tip of the iceberg. From the melancholy aura of “Awake” to the pounding speed of “Down” and “Halloween”, to the atomic bomb intro of “Moonstone” or the industrial pulse of “Rogue”, Frotter reach across genres to craft a heavy-hitting masterpiece.
Backing up the music is the Frotter marketing machine, which works hard to increase the band’s exposure and put their name on the lips of the masses. Most recently, Frotter have become unlikely figures in the discussion over public school dress codes, following a district board ruling that banned their t-shirts from several local high schools. It was prominent display of the band’s edgy name by their devoted fans which eventually drew them into the mix, and the authoritative objection has done little to stem the tide of Frotter supporters. As the controversy stirs within the community, the band’s music and image have become a backdrop to the debate of free speech and a symbol of pride to their fans.
Having done so much, the band insists they are merely getting started. As they branch out to take their live show to new venues and bigger crowds, they’re also scheduling summer recording sessions to capture fresh material. Excited about their success, and optimistic for the future, the band continue to write music that is certain to expand their influence and further define their unique sound. Tracks such as “The Meaning of Life” and the unbelievably crushing “Garden of Earthly Delights” have already made a huge impact of their live audiences, and with recorded versions, the band is sure to assault the airwaves very soon. The coming months hold the promise of big things, as Frotter are more than ready to step into music history.