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"Five Finger Death Punch has announced they will tour Canada as well as the Western US beginning this March, with legendary Soulfly as support, as well as Windowpane and Persist."

Five Finger Death Punch has announced they will tour Canada as well as the Western US beginning this March, with legendary Soulfly as support, as well as Windowpane and Persist. 5FDP will headline Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg and more, while also playing a special Las Vegas hometown show alongside other western-US markets.

Singer Ivan Moody shared, "The few times we've been to Canada it's been absolutely phenomenal. The fact that we get to take a band like Soulfly with us on a tour like this says it all. This is going to be one hell of a great time, in no uncertain terms." Guitarist Zoltán Báthory added, "We only played a handful of dates in Canada, but they were all sold-out so we are really looking forward to a headlining tour up there. What makes it even sweeter is taking one of our favorite bands Soulfly with us on this trek. As we are playing bigger and bigger venues, I think it became our responsibility to help expose some great metal bands to our more diverse audience ."

This will be 5FDP’s first proper headlining tour in Western Canada, where their current album, 'American Capitalist' is already more than halfway to CRIA-Certified Gold Record Status - a mere three months after its release. 5FDP’s previous album, War is the Answer, is projected to hit CRIA-Gold Status this spring, right around the time of the tour.

Tour Dates (w/ Soulfly, Windowpane, Persist):

03/23 - Las Vegas, NV - The Joint
03/24 - Pomona, CA - Fox Theater
03/26 - Fresno, CA - Rainbow Ballroom
03/27 - Modesto, CA - Modesto Center Plaza
03/28 - Redding, CA - Redding Convention Center
03/30 - Yakima, WA - Yakima Valley Sundome
03/31 - Seattle, WA - Paramount Theatre
04/02 - Dawson Creek, BC - EnCana Events Centre
04/04 - Calgary, AB - MacEwan Hall, University of Calgary
04/05 - Edmonton, AB - Shaw Center
04/07 - Regina, SK - Agribition
04/09 - Winnipeg, MB - Burton Cumming Theater
04/11 - Rapid City, SD - Rushmore Plaza Civic Center Arena
04/12 - Casper, WY - Casper Event Center - Puregrainaudio

"Canadian metal band PERSIST. Here is a unique opportunity to read about their tour with Five Finger Death Punch and the new album "You don't shine" that was released in April."

Interview: K.C Lee – Persist – We dedicated one of our songs to a little boy that has cancer
Publicerad av Malene Aakre den 2014-05-23 12:00

-We dedicated one of our songs to a little boy battling inoperable brain cancer and it really seems to encourage him, says K.C Lee from the Canadian metalband PERSIST. Here is a unique opportunity to read about their tour with Five Finger Death Punch and the new album "You don't shine" that was released in April.

Photography: JND marketing

Where did the journey of your band Persist start?

The journey begain in Thunderbay,Ontario with Frank and Jerry about seven years ago. They wanted to make it in the music industry and knew there were few options where they lived, so they packed up and moved to Toronto. They played some shows for a couple of years and then in a transition faze they found me and made me their new singer. After three more years of playing together KJ and Christian were added and that is the line up that has really solidified our sound and now recorded our new album "You don't shine".

What is the biggest challenge with playing in a band and what is the absolute best thing?

The biggest challenge is really trying to compete with so many other options for ticket buyers and their time. We really have to pick our shows carefully and work hard to plan and promote. Getting the word out to people is easier now with all the social media and other resources, but it is not always easy to keep peoples attention. The absolute best is the live show and getting to play for our fans. Meeting people who are excited about our music as you are. Hearing how the music helps people handle stress in their lives, being able to connect with the song and the pain and joy that lies within them.

Where do you have your biggest support worldwide?

We have a big following all over the place. Canada, specifically western Canada, has really shown a lot of support. We have toured there with Five Finger Death Punch twice so we get a chance to play in front of big crowds and they loved us and have been supporting us ever since. The USA has embraced us and we had the honor of playing at The Joint-Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas which was a trip. We have large groups of fans in Europe, Asia and South America too so we can`t wait to get out and play for all of them.

You have done several benefit shows. Do you think your music can be a way of changing the world to a better place?

A lot of our lyrics deal with being pushed around or not really fitting in, but also knowing that fitting in is not always the answer. We have songs about pain and addiction and even mental health. These are all important topics and we have tried to spend extra time helping out with anti bullying as I know when I was alone my music was all I had and I felt the emotions of my ups and downs with the songs I chose to listen to. We try to be that voice for others. We dedicated one of our songs "It`s my fight" to a little boy battling inoperable brain cancer and it really seems to encourage him.

I listened to your "Hours In the Daze" album. Some of the songs have a pinch of rap in it. Is this something you will continue to incorporate in your music?

Each song has a life of it`s own and with the heavy riffs sometimes talking, yelling and rapping adds to the effect and I am a pretty funky mofo so I am sure we might visit it again soon.

You released a new record in april "You don't shine". How is this album different from your previous works? How was the recordingprocess?

Wow, that`s a big question. The new album is called "You don`t shine". You get eleven original songs and one cover. We wanted to reflect our Canadian roots so we went with the Canadian music icon Corey Hart and covered "Sunglasses at night". You can expect the same catchy song that was an international hit but with a very heavy guitar and bass presence for a whole new sound that I think will transend many music genres. The album really shows our development as a band and the process has taken almost three years to release. Having said that we are really excited to write new music now so we will be releasing the CD without much live support .We really want to come out with a new set of twelve songs we can play over the next year and record as soon as possible.

Wow, that is truly ambitious.

So you recently did a tour with Five Finger Death Punch and Soulfly. When was this and what is the most memorable thing you can remember from that experience?

We were on the "Furious and Deadly tour" with Five Finger Death Punch and Soulfly in 2012. The most memorable thing was opening the tour at The Joint in Las Vegas. Being back stage with the bands, stars and athletes, it was insane. That was my first trip to Vegas and I had an all access pass to the hottest metal tour in North America. Five Finger Death Punch has been so supportive of us and they included us on their next tour we finished last October. They feel that if they are in Canada they should give a Canadian band a chance to take the stage and that is something that money can't buy. Being around Max Cavelera and his crew was amazing and then Marc Rizzo, the lead guitar player for Soulfly, even played on two songs on our album. Seeing the systematic way the show sets up, operates, tears down and then moves to the next town and does it all again, was inspiring.

Where are you touring in the near future?

We have a couple of shows with former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Jake E Lee in the spring we have been talking with a few promoters in Europe about some festivals but we are really focusing on new music right now, so we can come out with a whole new show and then plan some tours.

I hope to see you then!

So..I can`t really pinpoint why but there is something about you that reminds me of System of a down. What are your personal musical romodels?

That is one of the bands that has inspired us as well as Kyuss, Queens of The Stone Age, Kiss, Slayer, Deftones and Nirvana.

Do you have any plans for recording a new musicvideo?

We have two musicvideos finished and the "My Eyes" was recently released and "The other sunglasses at night" we will wait a few months with and we should have a third one finished by then as well.

REPORTER: Malene Aakre (

INTERVIEW: K.C Lee/ Persist

PHOTO: JND Marketing

BAND FACTS – Persist

K.C Lee – Vocals
Frank Deranged- Guitar and vocals
Christian – Guitar and vocals
KJ – Bass and vocals
Jerry Stro – Drums and vocals

Official Homepage:
Official Facebook:


""Persist with Hellyeah!!!!"

Dallas-based heavy metal supergroup Hellyeah, which consists of Mudvayne lead vocalist Chad Gray, Nothingface guitarist Tom Maxwell, and former Pantera and Damageplan drummer Vinnie Paul, and who are expected to release their fourth studio album, Blood For Blood, on June 10 via Eleven Seven Music, performed at The Opera House in Toronto last night with Toronto-based hard rock band Crawl, and Guelph, ON-based alternative-hard rock band Persist, who released their new album, You Don’t Shine, on April 23rd, 2014 via Can You Productions. - Aesthetic Magazine

"Persist featured in Velvet Rope Magazine"

Persist: Good Band Name
by: Tessa Jennison

Verb: Continue firmly or obstinately in an opinion or a course of action in spite of difficulty, opposition, or failure.

Isn’t that the very epitome of what musicians must do in today’s world to succeed at their craft? To be honest, I’m not sure of the exact reasoning for the band’s name, but I’d like to believe it’s a statement of the times and a testament to what it means to be a modern day musician. In the band’s own words: “Persist…and the world will listen.”

The Guelph-based band has just returned from a successful North American stadium tour with Soulfly and Five Finger Death Punch (another good band name). Since forming in Toronto in 2006, Persist has been touring regularly, covering territory from Quebec to Regina to Las Vegas, playing to sold-out rooms and enthusiastic high-energy audiences. Their music has been featured on television and radio, including bikerTV and a recent feature on Hamilton’s Y108. Despite their busy touring schedule and the growing demand for their work, the band has donated their time and services to various charity causes, including: Kisses for Haley, The Sick Kids Hospital, and The Missing Children Society.

To add to their list of achievements, Persist has also recently released their debut EP Hours In The Daze. Their self-described sound is accurate: “we’ve got a hard rock sound. It’s very melodic, but it’s got a lot of power and energy” (K.C. Lee). They have a strong understanding of the elements of good songwriting; writing within their genre, but incorporating elements that widen their target audience and appeal to listeners beyond the exclusivity of dedicated hard rock fans. The melodies are tasteful and lingering. Their commanding dynamic changes grab attention with the confidence and precision of a well-seasoned band that has honed its style to capture the audience and hold its focus.

Persist will be celebrating this milestone in their musical career at their CD release on August 25th at Club 77 in Hamilton.

Click here for a complete list of show dates, and plenty of other information on Persist: - Velvet Rope Magazine

"CD Release Party Review"

By Kayla Colanardi
Photos courtesy of Persist

Having never been to Club 77, I had no idea what to expect from the venue or crowd, so the colourful lights draping the ceiling and walls came as a pleasant surprise, as did the slightly older crowd that knew how to rock and have a good time as they celebrated the CD release party of Hours in the Daze for Ontario rockers, Persist.

With West Memphis Suicide also on the bill for the evening, along with Dirt, dubbed as the ultimate Alice in Chains tribute band, it gave me the opportunity to chat with Persist’s frontman K.C. Lee, who told me of the band’s recent tour with Five Finger Death Punch. Prior to the commencement of the tour, Persist had been in the midst of writing and producing Hours in the Daze, but rather than forego the tour and the chance to play The Joint in Las Vegas, they simply shelved a few extra songs they had created, with the intention of revisiting them for the next album. He also explained the how the band unexpectedly had gained much popularity in China, filling them with hope that one day soon they will be able to tour the country.

Prior to Persist taking the stage, the venue went completely dark. The crowd was cheering wildly and their energy really amped up the overall feel of the room. As numerous spotlights swirled around the stage, the members of Persist walked out like true rock stars, ready to shine and celebrate the release of Hours in the Daze.

The opening song “Can You?” was quickly followed by “You Keep Dragging Me Down,” blending well into each other without a moment to breathe. Next up, “Don’t Wannabe,” started off with some bone crushing riffs and intense drumming. The fans were obviously enjoying themselves as rocked out to the head banging beats, which featured heavy breakdowns and a mix of old school electric guitar. The band displayed great energy, with lots of jumping around on stage, and truly looked to be enjoying themselves.

For some of the songs, the majority of the band contributed vocals to sing along with K.C. Lee, as they did with “No More,” giving the tunes a rich and layered sound full of musical soul.

“Sky High” proved to be a true crowd pleaser, likely due to the wild and heavy drumming and guitar work. K.C. Lee introduced the song by claiming the song’s vibe was kind of like the feeling of being broke and your credit card company increasing your monthly limit just to screw with you.

To end the set, they played “Take,” featuring penetrating drops which each band member threw their whole body into, making the drops that much more powerful.

The evening ended with Persist’s cover version of AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” which left the crowd wanting more. The fans were truly invigorated from the night’s performances and continued to party long after Persist left the stage.

Set List:
1. Can You
2. You Keep Dragging Me Down
3. Don’t Wannabe
4. No More
5. The Daze
6. Shine
7. Sky High
8. My Eyes
9. Requirements
10. Take
Encore: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - Lithium magazine

"Cd Review of Hours In The Daze"

Persist seem to have witnessed the burgeoning landscape of decaying musical imagination before them, and decided to create a new field to plant their own seeds of musical onslaught needed to feed the ever hungry listening masses craving something new and unspoiled by excess or bloat.

And such an unexpected feast can be harvested when presented with the band’s Hours In The Daze album, a striking mix of back-to-the wall emboldening tracks and delicately balanced sombre ones, each nothing short of an avant-garde menu of taste, splendor and man-sized portions of musical commitment on a bed of nicely tendered hard rock.

From the hypnotic melodies of You Keep Draggin Me Down to No More’s more groove filled slab of iconic rock Persist take all the ingredients their collective minds have acquired and turns them into some of the most surprisingly satisfying and just-one-more inducing slices of ‘essential album’ you’re likely to find. Requirements stirs up the mix somewhat, carefully folding layers of subtle guitar and carefully measured vocals to create a track of incredible richness in song and an enclave of soothing indulgence to enjoy when a more introspective mood is served.

The vocals are deserving of a track to their own, the control K. C. Lee maintains throughout being more than a vocalist fulfilling his role; they have energy and emotion, and know just how much of either is needed at precisely the right moments in the songs without ever over-stating or under-selling himself.

With music swiftly in danger of becoming a mirror to the fast-food industry’s take on what a restaurant is and the dubious quality of the product served therein Persist would be the unassuming eatery serving up prime steak and sauce for the same price, but prepared by expert chefs and served directly into your happy glands*, satisfaction guaranteed and of great benefit to your overall health and well-being.

Cheap plastic toy of cynical over-hype not included.* - Mad As Hell promotions

"Review of Cd Hours In The Daze"

Band: Persist
Album: Hours in the Daze
Hometown: Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Year: 2011
Track Listing:

Can You

Don’t Wannabe

No More

You Keep Draggin Me Down

The Daze



The first full length effort from Guelph band Persist proves to be a very cool journey through a variety of musical flavours. “Hours in the Daze” is a heaping helping of heavy with a melodic twist and a side of hip hop. It’s an album that’s easy to get into and fits a variety of palates. With a nice tight heavy crunch served at a medium pace accompanied by steady, clear vocals, “Hours in the Daze” easily mixes with the rest of your party favourites. Their message is simple. Be yourself. Show respect. Life is short. Fuck with us, we’re fuckin back. Just how it should be.

“Can You” kicks everything off and sets the pace with a nice crunch. “Don’t Wannabe” offers killer riffage promising to stir up any mosh pit. Persists flagship, “No More”, is doing really well in Japan at the moment with a heavy hip hop infused sound leading the way. Watch for this one. “You Keep Draggin Me Down” slows the pace a little but keeps it crunchy and consistent. “The Daze” is a very cool tune setting you up for the Godsmacky sounding “Take” and finishing with the inevitable power ballad “Requirements”.

“Hours in the Daze” is an album that’s been worked on and perfected over a couple years before it’s immortalization onto CD. You’re not to expect a backyard half-assed trailer park effort with this one. Get it in ya. -

"Lynden Musician Persists in following his dream"

Sep 02, 2010
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Tell a friend Husband and father. Martial artist. Businessman. Rock star.

Kevin Sealy’s path to a career in the music industry may not be the usual one, but the approach is paying off for the west Flamborough resident. In fact, considering Sealy’s background – his father, Joe, was in a jazz ensemble, his mother, Fern Dauth, was a country performer – the only surprise may be that he didn’t follow that path sooner. Despite picking up the guitar at age 12 and goofing around with a few bands in high school, as an adult he only dabbled in the blues, “for fun.” In his 20s, he married a woman with four children and had an instant family. He launched his Cambridge martial arts studio and life unfolded.

Then, just over two years ago, after a split with his wife and the kids almost all through high school, he sat down and made some goals. These included joining a band and winning a Juno award. So he placed an online ad, which was answered by Persist, three Toronto-based musicians looking for a singer. They met at a coffee shop in Milton, clicked, and by the time he was driving home Sealy was jotting lyrics on an envelope for the power ballad they would later record, “One Step Away.”

For Sealy, the timing was perfect.

“When I was 18 and was in bands, I never wanted to be the starving musician…so now this is part of the plan,” he said in a recent interview with the Review. “I might have gotten eaten up by the industry when I was younger.”

Maturity may have given Sealy a strong sensibility in terms of what he wants and where he is going, but the hard-driving sounds of his band, Persist, defies generational categorization.

Comprised of Sealy (aka KC Lee) on lead vocals, Robbie Pow on guitar, Jerry Stro on drums and Z on bass, Persist was formed in 2006. Its musical style has been compared to a range of established acts, including Metallica and Counting Crows.

“If you like AC/DC, you’ll like us,” said Sealey, who found the demands on his voice required some professional advice. “I decided I’d better have vocal lessons, so I went to Tom Oliver in Hamilton.

“He taught me how to sing and preserve my voice.”

With a five-song EP under their belt, regular gigs at high profile clubs such as the Hard Rock Café and Jeff Healey’s Roadhouse and opening for bands such as Helix, Persist has come into its own as one of Toronto’s leading rock bands. They are in the process of recording a 10-song CD with producer Joel Kazmi at Metalworks studio in Mississauga and are also looking for a management company. There’s talk of a European tour.

Currently, Sealy is pumped about a special benefit show in Hamilton this weekend. Persist will take the stage at Club 77, along with AC/DC tribute band Thunderstruck, R&B artist Dylan James, hard rock cover band, Murmur and comedian Kenny Robinson. Proceeds from the event, which takes place Friday, Sept. 3, will benefit the family of Cody LeCompte, who racked up $30,000 in debt trying to bring the Simcoe teen home after he was detained in Cuba.

The driving force behind the show is Oakville resident Kevin McCart, who read media reports of Cody’s plight and started a Facebook group called Bring Cody LeCompte Home.

Sealy is thrilled Persist is performing for such a positive cause. “A charity benefit is usually a very sad, sad story,” he noted. “It’s fun to raise money for some nice people who had a bad situation. It’s neat to be involved with something like this.”

Club 77 can accommodate 1,000 people, with the patio an additional 500 can attend. As of last week, more than 300 guests had reserved tickets – and Sealy expects more.

“Cody LeCompte is from Simcoe,” he pointed out. “His family and friends will be there, and they’ll bring people.” And Sealy hopes playing just a short drive from his Lynden Road base will attract even more music lovers.

”It’s close to home, so friends and family can come out and get shocked watching me rock,” he laughed.

The Cody LeCompte Charity Benefit Concert takes place Friday, Sept. 3 from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. at Club 77 (77 King William Street, Hamilton). Tickets: $15 at the door.
- Flmborough Review

"PERSIST helps with Cody LeCompte benefit concert"

A benefit concert to raise money for the family of an Ontario teenager who spent more than three months stuck in Cuba under threat of imprisonment for a traffic accident will take place next month.

Cody LeCompte racked up more than $30,000 in legal fees and accommodation costs after the Cuban government ordered him to remain at his Santa Lucia resort pending the outcome of an investigation into an April 29 traffic collision.

Public pressure and a stern warning from the Canadian government that tourism might suffer if the matter wasn't resolved finally led to the 19-year-old Simcoe, Ont., man's release last week.

Kevin McCart, the creator of the "Bring Cody LeCompte Home" Facebook page, which has attracted more than 3,700 supporters, has since put together a quadruple bill to help raise funds for LeCompte and his mother, Danette.

"It is our hope that this event will free the LeComptes from their debt incurred through Cuban detention," McCart said in a news release Friday.

The event featuring hip hop artist Dylan James, hard rockers Murmur and Persist as well as AC/DC cover band Thunderstruck will take place Sept. 3 at Club 77 in Hamilton, Ont.

"Anyone who cannot attend can still make a donation to the trust fund at any TD Canada Trust," McCart said.

LeCompte arrived back in Canada last Friday after Cuban authorities finally unblocked his passport after he signed a promise to return should charges be laid against him.

He and his mother travelled to Cuba on a two-week holiday to celebrate his acceptance to Sault College's aviation program, but just three days in they were broadsided by a dump truck at an intersection.

LeCompte, who was driving, suffered a broken hand, possible broken ribs and a broken collarbone, in the accident and was never properly treated for his injuries.

© Copyright (c) Postmedia News

Read more:
- Ottawa Citizen

"Persist... and the world will listen"

Sometimes you need to unwind from the everyday happenings and just let loose. I did exactly that and went out to have a few pops and watch a couple rock bands playing at a local club in Oshawa. Say what you will but to me there's nothing like Rock N Roll. One band in particular had me paying full attention when they took the stage. From the electrifying riffs of Robbie Pow to the powerfully clear and catchy vocals of K.C. Lee. I'm no rock critic, but I know what I like.

Persist, as they are known are five young men hailing from the GTA who know how to rock. These guys play alternative rock like they have been together since metal was formed. To see a quality Rock "N" Roll band in a smaller venue is both good and bad. The good is you get an amazing seat to see them up close, the bad is you wont be able to see these guys playing these smaller venues for much longer. These guys rocked the house.

From their version of Pink Floyds "Comfortably Numb" to their original "Draggin Me Down" Persist reminded me what true rock should sound like. It probably won't be long before you hear these guys playing on every rock station across the globe. They get a huge opportunity on May 8th by opening for Canadian rock legends and platinum recording artist HELIX at Norma Jean's in Tillsonburg. - The Durham Type pad. Marven Whidden


Persist released to CD You Don't Shine in 2014 available on itunes



A 21st century rock band!

Just as fire breaks out when the right elements meet, Persist is what happens when talented musicians with the singular goal to deliver a vibe and blow your mind meet!

Now based in Guelph, Persist was formed in Toronto in early 2006 by Jerry and Frank, as they set out to find kindred spirits in their search for the ultimate sound. Soon they found K.C.Lee,who added a powerful vocal presence - a voice seasoned in a mix of rock and blues who added his incredible stylistic touch to the Persist sound. His soaring voice, a twin guitar attack and a deep bass groove meshed with a solid drum foundation complete the sound of Persist!

In the four years that Persist have been together, they have grown into one of Canada’s favorite indie hard rock bands! From Toronto to Las Vegas, from BC to Quebec, to see a list of the places they’ve played is to see a list of the hottest venues. They’ve graced the stages at Legendary Toronto venues like The Sound Academy, Velvet Underground, The Reverb, the Docks, Jeff Healeys Roadhouse, Lee’s Palace, Bovine Sex Club, the Opera House and the Hard Rock Cafe. Across Canada, they’ve performed at the Burton Cummings Theatre in Winnipeg, the Shaw Centre in Edmonton and The Odeon in Saskatoon. And through their recent tour with Five Finger Death Punch and Soulfly, they played their first ever US show at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas!

Among their many accomplishments, Persist have had the fortune to open for such amazing bands such as Five Finger Death Punch, Soulfly, All that Remains, Hate Breed, Rains, Die Mannequin and Helix, and have had their music featured on television such as BikerTV and have recently acquired licenses for MTV’s Real World Challenge and more.  They have appeared on a over 50 radio stations -  online and terrestrial radio including a recent finish in the top 10 for 97.7 Hitz FM’s 25th Anniversary Party Contest and a recent feature on Hamilton’s Y108!  Persist have brought their heart and soul to support several benefit shows including shows to benefit Kisses for Haley, The Sick Kids Hospital and the Missing Children Society.

K.C., Frank, Jerry, Christian  bring a vibe - an energy which is impossible to deny. Their melodic and crushing musical style with its traces of alternative rock, classic rock and metal is a sound all of their own and they are more determined then ever to bring it to audiences everywhere! Persist are currently being marketed in China and SE Asia and are making fans globally.

This is their time. Once you hear their sound, you will never forget it! Once you see them, you will know why they stand tall in the limelight!


PERSIST...and the world will listen!

Band Members