Groveland, Massachusetts, USA
BandHip Hop

During the darkest times in my life, music has always been my key to pushing forward and finding strength that I didn't realize I had left. Hearing the emotion and lyrics of an artists life has always given me a deep connection to my life. I would like the opportunity to share that same connection.


Persistent : continuing firmly in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

When talking about Ricky McHardy, nothing else could define him more. Born in Beverly Massachusetts, February 20, 1985, he seemed destined for hardship. Until now.

As a child, Ricky went through several bouts of depression while searching for who he was. He learned to battle the issues with his weight and unsavory choices through his writing. When he heard his first rap song at age 12, he knew what he wanted. He attributes his passion for music to a song that hit home for him even at his young age, Slippin' by DMX.

Ricky continued writing through his middle and high school years. While at Whittier Tech., he was arrested for possession of marijuana while on campus. Upon school changes, he found a job as a welder during his senior year. Due to probation, he switched to alcohol for solace. After several arrests and attempts at various counsel sessions to rid himself of drugs and alcohol, he moved to Florida for a change of scenery.

While there, the bad decisions and addiction problems continued. However, when he found himself in jail once again, all was not lost. It was there he met God and thanks Him daily for saving his life from the hundreds of times he should have been dead. During his incarceration, he kept writing. After his release, he remained sober for a while and started working on his music. Soon afterward, his father was in a horrible motorcycle accident and had to relearn to walk. About a year later the family learned of a tumor on his father's brain that lead to his death within the month.

It was then that Ricky's drinking problem exploded. After moving back to Groveland with his father for the last two weeks of his life, he hit “rock bottom”. Once a childhood friend was able to reach into the dark recess that he fled, Ricky went to AA and has been sober since.

Now he plugs away at music that has been the core of who he is for as long as he can remember


Lightnings Revenge

Written By: Persistent

Vrs 1 -
Im Looking deeper, than any ocean has to offer. Im choking, my souls
drowning, your the water. If all I ever wanted was for you to wonder, I'd
be more subtle than throwing snow into summer. Its because of the way
your warm when I hug you. Its because you just wouldnt wage a war over
some dude. (Amazing) Even when your sore I can trust you. Its like that
Christmas story, your the pole that I've been stuck to. If all I could ask of
Santa Clause was only one thing, I guess then, and wonder what the morning
glory would bring. If you are the only reason a canary should sing, we should
bundle up together for the winter, and skip spring. Its this sting thats been
stabbing in my left breast, thats got me kind of, grabbing on my last breath.
Sit me down and kiss me like its last script. If my lifes a movie, your the only
starring actress. As this unfolds and is 'song-like,' I almost hear this feeling like
a long life. You'll be with me when my feelings are feeling raw right? Now wrap
your arms around me, and just keep them on me all night.
Chorus 2x -
(Dan Six)
If I could just have - One single wish then -
I'd have you here and - With me this instant -
No i'm not kidding, not even a bit.
Your like the light shining I see in the mist.

Vrs 2 -
(Dan Six)
Days pass - we're getting deeper than I ever dreamed
Still the will to fill these complicated simple seams
And our roads - drift to form a different path
and I know - thats when our whole had split to half
I tried with every strength inside me just to keep it one. You leapt
and leave me, only leaving me the weaker one. And left me deeper
then like either of the sea or sun. Now your left just watching, just
what you saw in me, become.
(Dan Six)
Last thoughts - they're fading further then the deepest star.
Rearrange the pain and see the person that you are
And infiltrate the inner person that was trained to handle worse, right
at the first of every moment that was hard.
(Dan Six and Persistent)
And it goes - we all will face a darkened door
Now I show - illumination lacked before
And my road - Is cleared amidst the rocky shore
And I know - That All I've done, Im Better For.
Chorus 4x -

Intro 2 Lightning

Written By: Persistent

(Dan Six) Whoo oo oo oooo
- vrs1 (Persistent) I racked my brain for the right words, and none came. Staired into darkness untill the sun sang.
It came as a melody as it fell on me. Stirring up emotions in every memory. Making me remember, just where I lost a piece.
Giving me the drive, but it couldnt toss the keys. On went the song just filling me with hope and giving me the clarity to see that
I was broken. Making me be sure in the steps I had to take. Making me a liter of liquid in a lake. Opposite of shallow, opposite
of fake. Honesty in me with a tiny bit of faith. The heart needs some help though to make itself a whole. To leave a love behind
is to die and sell a soul. I tried to buy it back but I had to see the rest, see complete picture or me to be depressed. I come to you
humble, the makings of a dream. Leaving back a nightmare, to share a chair to lean. Let you put your feet up, and have yourself
a breath. Let you put your guard down, watching where you step. I want to be your best while im making you my only, erasing all our
pasts that had told you not to know me. All I have to promise is i'll never leave you lonely. Just look inside my eyes, and see just what you showed me.
Chorus - (Dan Six)
Things just arent - The way they were
Dreams I thought - Remain a blur
The you I saw - I see no more
I dream today - To be before
vrs2 - (persistent)
I dream today, and I awake in tomorrow. Maybe making me forget the days I stayed in sorrow. I remember when I met you,
we were only kids. The clock had stopped and shifted until we were at an end. Maybe it was necessary, maybe we were
friends, that went a little further either one of us could bent. I should've been supportive and been more to your defense.
instead I joked around, and I bordered on offense. Depression took you over though, no need to be pretend. You yelled at
me for simply leaving laundry on the bed. You had some issues that you should've let me help you with. Instead you lifted
walls that had held me for a bit. At the moment, I admit, it was you who could commit. But I had little issues that were
growing in my wit. Manipulated actions are what kept us in our grip. You left the very second of the day that I had slipped.
My slipping was some time that it took for me to think. My thinking led to drinking as I lost you in a blink. You met another man
leaving me to be extinct. We broke up for a week, then you lost our little link. I lost you now forever and I wonder for the better,
because now I dream of different dreams you thought were never clever.
Chorus - 1x - (Dan Six)


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