Persona describes their sound as dirty soul groove ROCK. A down low dirty rock sound mixed with pop sensibilities, deep grooves, a heavy dose of blues and soul serves as the basis for experimentations in anything they interest themselves in.


Persona is a rock band out of Indianapolis, IN who defies sub-genre classification. Deep rock grooves and soulful vocals, around which anything can happen. Bassist Joe Yount and Guitarist Ryan Harris met in high school. College sent them on different paths and different bands, but they still found time to jam Zeppelin tunes in various basements when they were in the same city. One day Ryan suggested to Joe that they start a band. The next few years were spent writing blues based rock/funk songs which were geared toward the listeners, not the musicians. After a short stint in a successful cover band, Joe moved back to Indy, and they came across Barry McKinney and Kevin Coryell, who had just left their previous bands. Barry brought a deep baritone soul voice to the mix, and Kevin brought a thunderous rock groove. An unmistakable chemistry was found, and Persona was born.


"Four" - Demo

Set List

Varies from night to night. We often throw in an uptempo riff rock version of Prince's Computer Blue