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Ruh! and other 5 demos! @ Myspace
Ruh & Let Me Stay Child Promo singles in Turkey & Ukraine (Which has radio airplay in both countries)



Hey there! Thanks for taking a look at us. We are glad to see you sitting in front of that screen (Yeah we do see you!) It all began when vocalist Melih Gulcakir (Mite) and guitarist Ilkercan Kandur (Ilker or Quandor) wanted to use the songs in their hand when they were writing when they were in the band called Cute Poison, but never had a chance to play. So when that band split, Mite and Ilker thought "Why not to start a band which is stronger, louder and funnier!" then they called their fellow friend Ezgi to be their bassist. Ezgi was actually the vocalist for the band called High Sky and few years ago he was playing guitar and singing in an acoustic trio with Ilker. He said that it shouldn't be so hard to play bass and agreed! There was a time that during one month the trio was playing in a Turkish restaurant in Kiev to collect money for a bass guitar. For the drumming duties they called their friend Yasar who is a little older than the rest of the band. Then they immediately started to work on the songs and released a 6 song demo through myspace, just 6 months after their forming. They called their band as "Noah's Ark". Few months later the demo release of their heavy sounding Alternative Rock Ballad song "Ruh!" brought them the 2nd place of Miller Music Factory 2008 contest in Turkey. They were glad to see that public's reaction was really good to their works and they continued to work harder and played many successful gigs in Kiev. Then they decided to record 2 of their songs in a professional studio with a professional recording engineer. They agreed with Maxim Kapusta and Cabbage studios. Who released many successful albums and works with many popular artists in Ukraine. Result was a promo release of Ruh! and Let Me Stay Child and two songs got radio play in Ukraine and in Turkey. It was summer 2009 and Yasar decided to leave the band to serve in Turkish Army. It was a critic period for the band but like they say after every critic period there comes a new life. They met with a talented young drummer from Russia, who is 17 and came to Ukraine for study aeronautics in a Drummer of the Year contest. His name was Vsevolod Gotchiev and he won the 2nd place of that contest. After a little talking we understood that we can dig it if we'd play together, so after Seva was joined the band, Ilker came up with the idea of changing the name to Persona, everyone agreed. Talented Beyza Cumbul designed the Persona logo.

We are able to reach three countries from heart, The band is mostly Turkish and we have an award in Turkey, Seva is from Russia, we played a lot of gigs in Ukraine and we reside currently in Kiev. We see this as our advantage to get our music listened by millions.

It's better if you'll listen our music to understand exactly what we play but if you like the bands like Foo Fighters, Metallica, Marilyn Manson, Godsmack, Alter Bridge, Velvet Revolver, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Audioslave ; you'll probably love Persona!