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Fervently against self-promotion…desperately in need of recognition.

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Forest Fire

Written By: John Martin

Verse 1:
I had a younger man inside of me
He saw through my eyes.
He moved my legs and arms.
I have no motion; I have no movement without him.

I had an energetic soul in me
Consuming my time,
Rewarding my actions.
I have no purpose; I have no meaning without it.

I am a forest fire among mortal flames.
Where do my tear ducts drain to?
I feel just the same as I did before.
Innocent bystander,
I’ll wait for something more.
I pulled a fast one on fate when I shut the door on my future.

Verse 2:
I had a loving robot in my life.
It went through motions.
It fed me dinner every night.
I have no food now that it’s gone.

I had an older being in my life.
It saw my weakness.
It saw me start to lose control.
I have no outlet without it.

Take me where the forest fire
Is protecting my desire
And my open mind is welcome.

Show me to the forest floor,
Where my thoughts are free once more
And my hopeful words are welcome

Show me how the forest loves me,
That my fears might rise above me
And my thoughtful ways are welcome.

Give me to the forest fire
So my legs will never tire.
Where my journey ends, I’m welcome.

Level Field

Written By: John Martin

Verse 1:
Spinning on my desk chair,
It is something I want to be free from.
Winning over my friends,
It is someone who wants to be me.
Sliding into my comfortable spot,
They are not what I needed.
Hiding in the dark recesses of my mind
That I can’t see.

Where they have their own level field

Verse 2:
Pouring colors into the can,
Waiting for them to be mixed up.
Stirring stick is on fire
And I have nothing else to be.
Soaring over the street that
I lived on when I was a baby.
Crashing down to the ground
Now that I have not become a child.