The Rock from the '70's The Attitude from the 80's The Alternative from the 90's combined with influences from today


Persun is an aggressive rock band rising from the streets of New Jersey- in the process leaving their mark on every club/bar/gig/hole-in-the-wall for nearly six years. Imagine the likes of 70's rock, 80's attitude and 90's alternative in an all night pressure cooker- mix in the influence of modern-day life and the result is Persun. This generation bridging unit seamlessly blends infectious lyrics, ballsy guitar and steadfast rhythm with an attitude that resonates instead of being lost in the oversaturated music of the present.


-Empty Rooms- Debut Album (2003)
-college radio play in the Northeast and touring markets

-Look What the Cat Stepped In- EP (2004)
"Demise", "In n Out", "Red Rocket"

-PERSUN- EP(2006) "Try Once More", "Pulling Out,"What You Feel," "All Right," I'll Be," "Murphy", "Blackout."

Set List

Typical set list: (45-60 minute sets)
Original Songs Vary
Covers: Obscure covers including:
Walk Like an Egyptian.