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Perth Elliott

Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States | INDIE

Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Avant-garde


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"People are talking to Perth"

"I love your CD...the next time you are in Nashville stop by and see me."
Ann Wilson- AWMG Entertainment

"It was nice to meet you. And I should be thanking you. The show was amazing..."
Chris from Q Syndicate-- Associate Editor/ Between the Line- Entertainment Editor

105.1 Lima, Peru - radio play for 'The Gay Church'
BBC Introducing producers contacted SORA records after listening to "terror(s)" and "boy"

- Ann Wilson- AWMG Entertainment/ Chris Azzopardi- Q Syndicate

"The Gay Church- perth elliott"

“To keep the emotional connection between the piano tracks and the vocals, perth and sound engineer Kevin Krizmanich recorded the vocal and piano tracks simultaneously. The tracks are also performed in one take, thus giving the ultimate connectivity and creative cohesiveness perth was striving to achieve on this quirky, driven, soul baring debut album..." - Paintingblind

"Athens Music Scene"

Perth Elliott drives the piano with constantly moving melodic lines. Her voice and the words that it sings can conjure up powerful emotions in an individual. She'll bring herself and her new album, "The Gay Church," to Donkey Saturday night along with opener Cynthia Robinson. - The Athens News

"Songwriting festival draws newcomers and an established star to Ypsilanti library"

Singer songwriter Perth Elliott performs during the Ypsilanti Songwriting Festival at the Ypsilanti District Library on Whittaker on Saturday....

For full article, click on link below. - Ann Arbor News

"Perth Elliott: "I am drawing attention to an existing war.""

We stumbled upon the uniquely piano-driven music of Perth Elliott and Iimediately we were charmed by the songs. Soft and feminine yet curiously dark at the same time, which was very peculiar and not a thing you often experience in music. We asked Perth Elliott a few questions to learn more about her.

Indiefonica: We know so little about you, which was from your album we downloaded a few days ago. Please tell us a little about yourself, about your music in particular, or other things you want to share.

Perth Elliott: Well, I am from the metro Detroit area. I live about 30 minutes outside the city. I have played music all my life. I tinkered on the piano when I was a child, quit for about 8 years, and then started back up again when I was 19. During high school I had NO IDEA who I was. I was still involved with music through church choir, jazz choir and improve. But it was not the same as composing music. I was lost and wasn't sure who to be and what to do. My music…where to begin. Well the first song composed after many many years was actually in response to one written for me. My boyfriend penned a song and recorded it. I wanted him to know how much it had touched me so I wrote one for him. It sparked this fire inside of my body and I couldn't stop. It became a way to cope with pain, joy, fear and the unknown. At that point in my life there was a lot of darkness and unknown. That caused me to feel as though the notation and melodies exist in infinite arrangements all around us. I am merely the channel to give these entities life. The songs need me to exist in a certain fashion. It feels good to be needed.

Indiefonica: Tell us about the Gay Church. And why the piano-driven music?

Perth Elliott: The Gay Church is my place of acceptance. We can all come as we are, fill the pews and have conversations. About anything. With anyone. There is no shame or abandonment. There is bliss and the ability to feel content with ourselves. We all have moments where we feel as though no one could ever possibly understand us. And some of us feel as though our problems are far worse than our neighbors and we are alone. The truth is we are all able to experience joy and pain. And while they may not be from the same source or to the same degree, others feel as we feel. The Gay Church is my little secret place where I hide when I need to escape. It's where I go when I feel alone. I find myself there in good days and bad. I wanted to share it with others. So maybe they can go there too. The piano-driven music….I feel safe behind the piano. I feel stronger, complete, creative and explosive. The keys are an extension of my finger tips. The notes sink into the deepest parts of me and never escape. They live and breathe in me only to create more emotion. It's comforting.

Indiefonica: My editor said he likes ‘Mercy’, ‘Maybe’, and ‘Woman’ which sounds a little dark, do you agree? Tell us more about each song and what inspired you behind the creative process.

Perth Elliott: Yes I agree. Those three songs are interesting because they were written at completely different times. Maybe is one of the very first songs I had written. It is one of my favorites of all the songs. I wrote her during a transition period in my life. I had parted ways with old friendships, was in a dark place with my boyfriend and was not in good standings with my family. I come from a religious up-bringing and at that time my relationship with God was very strained. Religion was causing riffs and changes in people I loved and I didn't know how to swallow that. Mercy was written sometime after Maybe. Friends were running. Running as fast as they could away from me. Old friends had left. New friends were not who they appeared to be. Sometimes you just want to pick up the phone and talk to someone who understands you. You know?Woman is the song that understands me the best. If there is one song that unlocks my essence, this is she. Woman consumes all of the physical and verbal abuse, love, hate, sexual exploitation and freedom that encircles me and displays something much more raw and true. This is the song I play when I am either having the worst day of my life or the best day.

Indiefonica: Is there any message you want to convey through your music?

Perth Elliott: I don't think I am "changing" things. I don't compose a song about the fragile human existence and feel my own frustrations slip away and the world quietly follows step. I believe that I compose it, one person hears it, than another, and another and slowly, over time, that person changes. They become harder or softer and wise up to the world. Then they tell someone and come together in a form so raw, others can't help but question and take interest. And then and ONLY then will things change. Not social formalities or laws, but words, meanings, feelings and philosophies.I feel that I am not starting the war. I am drawing attention to an existing war. And you better know your troops. Artists never know their troops. Messages are lost in the translation (of their lyrics). They write for paper (money) and ignorantly, or unwillingly, forget what their troops have the potential to become. You need to know your fucking troops. How else will you be heard?
- Indiefonica


The Gay Church- June 15th, 2010



Perth Elliott is a provocative and challenging female singer/songwriter who manifests a vulnerable lyrical attack through the sheer blunt force of a piano. Conjuring music that falls between the despairingly visceral notation of The Smiths, and the eccentric, alternative rock of Radiohead, she confirms that the piano will forever stay a prominent instrument in rock & roll. Elliott's debut, 'The Gay Church', displays dark, quirky, whimsical tones driven by pure emotion and, beautifully enough, accessibility.

Elliott was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. She began tinkering on the piano at the age of four, quickly progressing to composing her own instrumental pieces shortly afterward. Elliott proved to be a quick learner after enrolling in lessons with a trained pianist. Her instrumental deftness presented the opportunity for numerous public and private performances. However, it was discovered that she could not read music. She had been reciting the notations by ear. Though discontinuing her lessons, she remained active in her church choir, school concerts and improvisations throughout high school. Elliott, weary of her once promising talent, enrolled at the local community college unsure of her direction and future plans. Unable to leave music behind, she stopped attending her courses, pulled together her compositions, and started her own record label. In 2007, S O R A records was born. Elliott recorded and produced her debut album during the spring of 2009 in a house she had rented on the southeast side of Livonia. The album, 'The Gay Church', hit retailers June 15th, 2010.