Peru Fusion

Peru Fusion

 Point Pleasant, New Jersey, USA

Peru Fusion is a mixture of Black Peruvian Folklore music with Salsa and Jazz.


Who is Vilma Durand? Vilma’s determination has brought her from Peru, to Colombia to Europe to finally The worlds Music and Art capital New York. Vilma Durand has been infatuated with the art of music and the art of singing from day one, and throughout her journey across the country she has never lost the spirit and direct touch she has felt for music, from salsa to Peruvian folklore she has done it all. Vilma Durand is not only a Singer, but a writer and a producer, and has ghostwritten for Salsa’s biggest artists. Vilma started her career with as a twelve year old girl performing at a regional school festival in 1972 in Peru. Only a year later in 1973 she joined the polyphonic choir in Trujillo, North Peru. In 1976 she was already a member of the “Guardia Nueva” on the regional radio station; the same year she was the soloist on channel 7 in Peru. In 1977 she was part of Peru’s biggest Orchestra of “Manolo Avalos”. Only 5 years later, she joined The successful all-female band in Colombia “Las Siguarayas” who had great success in the media and countless performances throughout Soutamerica. After touring, performing and recording, Vilma decided in 1988 it was time for a better and more satisfying challenge, to bring her music and sounds to Europe and make Salsa as well as Peruvian folklore more popular and more known. Vilma Durand moved to Cologne in Germany, and right around that time, the Berlin Wall fell, a great change and inspiration for all Latin people and immigrants who moved to Germany at that time. Vilma’s talent to not only create excellent sounds that represent her hometown, but also enabled her to become the executive and business woman she is now, developing an ear for what the people want to hear, and creating new ways of benefiting, not only financially but musically in a way that can be traced back to when she first started as a child with the dream of making it in the Music Industry. As planned Vilma found 2 bands in Germany in 1992, one named “Salsa Swing” and one “Peru Fusion”, As the name discloses, one was for Salsa Music, and one for The Peruvian Folklore, from the founding date of both Groups until the day she moved to NY in 2000, both bands received media attention as well as performed at all major significant summer festivals in Europe, followed by their own personal Tours through out all the major Countries. Vilma left a footprint that is to be admired to this day, and after conquering all her challenges, there was only one thing left to do, move to New York, and record, perform and take over the Music world. Vilma is currently recording, and will be touring this summer back in Europe, just to come back, better and Stronger. Look out for Vilma Durand and Peru fusion, 2008 is already great, but 2009 is going to be the “TAKEOVER”.



Written By: vilma Durand

por donde vas por donde vienes
no se dice otra cosa ya de ti
que de por alli y de por alla,
ya te pillaron la nota
la gente del barrio de la esquina del mercado , ya te gritaron ya te apodaron,
bochinchera ,bochinchera
por que por donde vas
dejas vientos de huracan
bochinchera bochinchera
tu solo quieres fomentar el bochinche.
si al cine vas y en la fiesta estas
el comentario sera general
que gritaste aqui que pegaste alla
y que la ley te vino a buscar
el novio que tenias te ha dejado aterrado por tanto rollo que le as armado
bochinchera bochinchera
por que por donde vas
dejas vientos de huracan
bochinchera bochinchera
tu solo quieres fomentar el bochinche


EP- Bochinchera (Salsa)
EP- Presuntuosa (Peru Fusion)

Set List

2 sets of 1 hour.

1. Bello durmiente
2. Negra presuntuosa
3. Las flores buenas de javier
4. Camaron
5. Martin y su Mula
6. Jose Antonion
7. Callejon de un solo cano
8. Carino
9. No me cumbe
10. La picantera
11. Zamacueca
12. Idolatria
13. Cardo Ceniza
14. El artista