Pesci Piumati Neri & Rossi

Pesci Piumati Neri & Rossi

 Asti, Piedmont, ITA

We introduce ourselves:
a meeting between musicians from different experiences; the pleasure of sharing the same emotions as musicians and
friends for the sake of playing with music, a double joy! Singing and playing to meet the audience's enthusiasm. A
repertoire of original songs composed by our group or friends, or .... other unknown and famous songs, interpreted in
electro-acoustics way. A journey into the world of sound and voice as an adventurous novel by Jules Verne. An open and


Our music:
at the moment, a part of the repertoire consists of songs written and composed entirely by the musicians of the group,
using, for the texts, our Piemontese dialect. We like our quest for the particular and the hidden very much because it
enriches us in terms of music and culture, allowing us to explore the world of uncommercial music, ethnic and more. The
precise and clear interplay of the two voices is very interesting, and allows to connect the folk / rock voice of Mariarosa,
the powerful and full of warm jazz voice of Giulia. Even the instruments are gently linked together: the warm and, at
times, psychedelic sound of the electric guitar of Paul, Sergio with his rhythmic acoustic background and Peter's colorful
and ethnic percussion and drums. All that is the recipe of a “sound traveling” between vocals and electro-acoustic

For info:
Tel / Fax: 0141299274 - Mobile: 3936173480 or 3491061211
Postal address: C / O Vincent Penna, Frazione Quarto inferiore, 192 - 14030 - Asti


CD demo: Nero....e altre storie

Nero ( video - slideschow ) - Link:

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