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"Kings in the making!!!"

The Peski Kings, for those that might not be familiar with them, are a five-piece band with two female and male lead vocalists, a band only in existence just over 2 years and a band that's spent the last year playing some of the best original and catchy indie-pop songs around in Dundee. But one thing has been noticeable.....whereas most Dundee indie bands try to get to the stage of writing songs that are addictive enough to be loved by as wide a range of audiences as possible, while still carrying the necessary strength that makes a seriously good indie band, The Peskis have got the songs - by the truckload - but have lacked the power punch that could make them as much indie as pop - in other words, the odd state of affairs, whereby the young band did not have quite the immense appeal to the younger audiences as you might have expected. NOT ANY MORE..............
Tonight marked a definite turning point. Into 2009 with a renewed optimism and a fierce determination, carried dividends for the band. The starting put is Nicky on lead guitar. Having just acquired a new make of guitar before Christmas, the effect it's now made is outstanding. Although the more country-ish twang of before might have gone, it's been replaced with this searing resonance and scorching bite as the guitar work now exhibits serious force, all of which gives the songs a gutsier approach that they may have lacked before. Fired up by this, the band have done the same. The rhythm section sounds has a lot more bite, while Barry's acoustic guitar is now what provides the depth of texture that gives the playing a more commercial flavour. In keeping with all of this, the vocalists are not being left behind - Barry really lets loose on the songs on which he does the lead vocal, while Becki, ever the gorgeous front-lady, is sounding equally strong, delivering her lead vocals with more of a nod towards Darling Buds-esque indie strength and soaring anthemic beauty. In essence, the band are sounding hotter than ever - it's now cool to like the Peski Kings!!!
The set itself was solid, a great mix of songs and sounding ever more confident, still incredibly infectious to a tee, and almost irresistibly danceble. Two of the friends I was with, Sheila and Kim, who'd never even heard of the band before tonight, immediately lit up with delight when the band started and remarked at what a great band they are - testament indeed to the instantaneous sense of enjoyment that this band oozes. From the opener "Need a Good Song", now sounding sharper and more contemporary than ever, the band flowed through 40+ minutes of great songs, some more anthemic, others more strident, but all played with confidence, character and strength. The latest new track, with Barry's vocals, is a slice of pure "Grease"-era indie-pop, but it's more infectious than the common cold, being a track that could have audiences up and down the land dancing madly to it charms - the band are on at The Doghouse thre weeks after this gig and it would be wonderful to see the Doghouse on its feet and dancing to this track - "Hey You", I think it's called - look out for it when you go!! Elsewhere, through a set of 100% enjoyable songs, this was a stunning way to start the year, for band and audience alike - Andy Garibaldy. Dead Earnest


Nothing officially released at the moment, although we have just recorded an 11 track EP called Lucky Me Lucky You which is proving popular and is available directly from ourselves or from a local music shop in Dundee.



Ever heard a live 4-part harmony with jingly-jangly guitar riffs bouncing off an acoustic guitar? Ever heard Beatle-esk bass riffs acompany a drummer who’s playing style so easily changes from ballad like to rock in an instant. Ever heard a band called the Peski Kings. Well you have now. The Peski Kings, ‘Dundee’s leading indie-pop band’, are a 5 piece arrangement who are not afraid to go against the grain and write some sing-along, infectious pop classics, with an element of musical genuius.
Led by joint male and female lead vocals and some stunning harmonies, the band pride themselves on their harmonic style and guitar sounds that are easy on the ear. After two years of gigging around Scotland, the and finally gaining reconition, playing venues in the major cities. Glasgow’s 02 academy and
Dundee’s Fat Sam’s Live to name but a few.
One night of listening to the Peski Kings will without a doubt leave you singing one of their chorus’ for the next week.

We're prepared to travel to any venue up and down the UK in order for as many new audiences as possible to hear our music.