Pesky J. Nixon
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Pesky J. Nixon

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | SELF

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2006
Band Americana Acoustic


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Pesky Down Under"

Always nice to receive new music from an artist that one's not familiar
with, even better when it's so damn good!! From the first to last track,
Pesky J. Nixon's "Monkey Business & Mislaid Hopes" is a cracker!! All tracks
will find their way to air & will definitely be in my best releases for 2010.

Colin Fielding Folk n Roots - Colin Fielding

"Thumbs up for Red Ducks!"

Pesky J Nixon's "Red Ducks" is stripped down, nighttime by the festival campfire fun! Great cover versions infused with that PJN sense of joy. Thumbs up!

Joltin Joe, Radio Nowhere - WMSC 90.3 FM, Upper Montclair, NJ

"French reviewer digs PJN!"

" Pesky J Nixon's Red Ducks is a very, very good selection of covers. Beautiful vocals and arrangements make this album a delicious moment is delicate, made with a good taste , really interesting" Mike Penard - ISA Radio France

"Italian reviewer raves about Pesky J. Nixon!"

"Pesky J. Nixon's fresh and brilliant touch makes Red Ducks a truly exciting experience" - / wwwlonestartime, and

"The Power of Pesky"

Their energy is around 5 on the Richter scale.... One thing is for certain. If Pesky J. Nixon is there, we don’t want to miss it. - Acoustic Live

"Pesky's Hootenany has group's singing their hearts out"

PJN's music is an ideal blend of vocal harmonies and skilled instrumentation. Bush's accordion added an unexpected, lyrical tone while Karp's percussion—several hand drums and cymbals as opposed to a full drum kit—gave the music a softer, less staccato vibe than can be achieved with drumsticks. Baird's voice, deep and just a touch raspy, traveled from the stage to the audience and wrapped the listeners inside the songs' stories. The music brought on a feeling that was comfortable, cozy and familiar. "Their songs are so completely natural and well-made that they quickly hook you in. They often use beautiful three-part harmonies, and their sound is also defined by the very sensitive arrangements that feature accordion and hand percussion," said Chasalow.

Baird shared several humorous anecdotes from the band's time together. His account of their rise to popularity was particularly memorable. PJN first learned that their music was being played on the radio about a year ago. Unfortunately, the radio station that had picked them up was located in Melbourne, Australia. From there, the song migrated up East Asia and through Russia to the West Coast of the United States until finally making its way to New England, where the band lives. Today, they have a fair amount of success on folk and country radio stations throughout the country, particularly on college radio. - Brandeis Justice

"Interview with the Boys of Pesky J. Nixon"

Our first published interview. - Me & Thee Blog

"These are songs of partings, taken with the best possible grace."

And what songs! Pesky J Nixon boasts two fine songwriters, Ethan Scott Baird and Jacob Bush. It’s surprising enough to find two strong songwriters in the same group, but here their styles are so compatible that the album has a unified narrative voice. These are songs of partings, taken with the best possible grace. Who Will Love You opens the album, and starts out sounding like it’s going to be a jealous plea for a lover to return. But, it turns out that the narrator recognizes that he has hurt her, and she isn’t coming back, and he simply hopes that someone will take as good care of her as he wanted to. Breathe in Autumn equates the cooling of a relationship with the cooling of the weather, and the metaphor really works. Atlanta starts with two friends who haven’t seen much of each other in the last few years; as time continues to move, the one friend manages to show up only when he is needed most. This song has the quality of a classic, and deserves to find the widest possible audience. Fade has another great metaphor, equating the state of a relationship with the reception of a distant radio station. And the rest of the songs are just as good, although these moved me personally the most. - Oliver di Place

"An Absolute Pleasure to Listen To"

Pesky J. Nixon recently released their sophomore album, Monkey Business & Mislaid Hopes, and sent it my way for a listen. I'm so glad I got to hear their energetic americana music with adept banjo plucking and melodic harmonies that get you listening right from the start. Don't let "americana" through you off though, this is music that can appeal to a wide audience with it's pop sensibilities, well crafted songs, and subtle rock and folk influences. Their songs are a fluid piece of work with a clear voice, making for an enjoyable listen.

I thought "Breathe in Autumn" was the perfect song for last week as summer quietly became fall and the leaves began to change as if they were just waiting for September 22nd to come along. This music feels just right for the fall, whether it is soft and contemplative or more upbeat and sing-along-esque like "Who Will Love You?", there is something about the combination of an accordion, a banjo, and stories told in the form of songs that seems just right for this time of season. Be sure to check out their album, it is an absolute pleasure to listen to. - New Music Collaborative


2012 - Red Ducks
2010 - Monkey Business and Mislaid Hopes

Monkey Business by Pesky J. Nixon: "Pesky J Nixon boasts two fine songwriters, Ethan Scott Baird and Jacob Bush. Its surprising enough to find two strong songwriters in the same group, but here their styles are so compatible that the album has a unified narrative voice. These are songs of partings, taken with the best possible grace. " - Darius Rips / Oliver di Place

Red Ducks by Pesky J. Nixon: "When they told me that they were recording an album of covers in their living rooms I didn't say anything but thought, "What the hell?" I wished that they would do anything but that. Fast forward to the album coming out.... I gave it one listen and fell in love. It is the best cover album by anybody since Nanci Griffith's Other Voices Other Rooms. They gave exposure to songs that you never heard. They reinvented familiar songs like Wagon Wheel. It is the album that I had the strongest connection to. I listened to it over and over. It has helped me through hard times."
- Gordon Nash / Wise Madness



2012 - "Red Ducks" DJ Chart #30 for 2012
2012 - Falcon Ridge Most Wanted Return Artists
2012 - "Red Ducks" Peaks at #5 on the Folk DJ Charts July
2011 - Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Emerging Artists
2011 - NERFA (New England Regional Folk Alliance) Formal Showcase Artists

"You have an amazing sound that is infectious and puts a smile on peoples faces."
- Cheryl Praskher, President of NorthEast Regional Folk Alliance (Nov 07, 2011)

Bombastic yet brilliant, this quartet from New England exude a genuine musical authenticity and mirth on stages up and down the East Coast. Drawing influences from contemporary urban balladeers, rowdy southern bluegrass, and the sardonic yet wry wit of New England's localized folk scenes, Pesky J. Nixon (PJN) creates an atmosphere both inviting and challenging for audiences. Compelling harmonies and narratives rein in disparate instrumentation including- zydeco style accordion, virtuosic mandolin, a variety of tribal percussion, and a myriad of string instrumentation.

Jay Moberg of Boston's WUMB says of the group, "These guys represent what I love about music...great playing, thoughtful lyrics, and musicians who actually enjoy playing together!".

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