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Direct, upfront and to the point, Peso Harlem is no gimmick – what you see is what you get. Music is his life; his life is written into his music. Listening to Peso is the equivalent listening to the end-all, be-all paradigm of a hard-knock life – a soundtrack to the streets, if you will. Born and raised in the crime-riddled Del Paso area of Sacramento, getting caught up in the neighborhood riff raff was something that happened to you whether you wanted it or not. Some will tell you that Peso has been caught up in rough reality from the day he was born. He’ll tell you that he acknowledges the hardships, but never makes excuses for who he is and what has sculpted his life.

At the very least, Peso Harlem is an example of persistence and a relentless work ethic. Every person’s path is different, yet there’s an inspiring aura around Peso that, no matter what the differences are, you find yourself rooting for him. Every demographic needs a voice – Peso Harlem is that voice. A voice that, upon hearing just one of his rhymes, gives you a taste of the agony that has peppered his past. Peso Harlem is a voice for many. Throughout his life, he’s become a role model for those who have had difficult upbringings as well as those who are trying to propel their lives into better situations. As a direct result of his relatable vibe and lyrics, Peso has garnered a loyal fan base in Sacramento.

“People that relate to my music often come from tough neighborhoods,” Peso says. “So, I have a lot on my shoulders knowing that I can set an example for those who can’t see past their street corner.”

Battered yet strong, remorseful and progressive, Peso’s past serves as his own constant motivation to improve himself as both an artist and a person. He takes life seriously for many reasons, specifically, his family. Perhaps the greatest pressure of all, Peso’s drive isn’t just fueled by his crew in the streets; he’s driven by the three mouths he feeds - the three mouths that call him, “daddy.” Being a father of three is a tough task for anyone; Peso wears that badge with honor, responsibility, and pride. In Peso’s eyes, setbacks are inevitable; failure is not.

Welcome to the life of a man chronicled in the form of folders upon folders of digital music. Experience the never-ending story of Peso Harlem: a man giving all he’s got, every single day of his life.

“I know a better life is coming, I just hope it’s really mine.” – Peso Harlem, Darkness Bright

His latest project, Cocaine80's, hosted by Dj CosTheKid, will be released Feb 7th, and will be available at and

Peso Harlem’s debut album Black Diamonds, is soon to follow this mixtape. Stay Tuned.