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Madison, Wisconsin, United States

Madison, Wisconsin, United States
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Pest is currently in the studio recording an album due out sometime next year. Three of the songs can be heard here!



Pest was conceived in early 2000 for a single performance at a most prestigious talent show: Fennimore High School’s Spring Fling (What, you’ve never heard of it?). The band met with ecstatic approval and decided to make it more then a one show deal. The members of Pest were brought together by their friendship and love of music, and it is this love of the music they play that brings the energy to their live performance. Pest focuses on high energy stage performances complete with plenty of crowd interaction. They buzz around on and off the stage, amplifying each other’s energy.

It wasn’t long after conception when they realized that they needed to bring their own musical vision into the world by way of creating original music. Using their solid foundation in classical music and modern rock influences, the boys (men?) of Pest set out to write their own stuff. Their creation is best likened to the bastard child of Three Doors Down, Seether, and Breaking Benjamin. We won’t get into the specifics of how that child was conceived, but the result is simply something you must hear for yourself.

Pest has been fortunate enough to be able to share the stage with great bands like Hurt, Under The Flood, and The Sammus Theory. Make sure you check these bands out when they come near you!

Band Members:

Caleb Zart: This young feller is in charge of the lead vocals. He has been singing since about two minutes after he come out of the womb. He sang something regarding his release from captivity. He is also the main creative force behind all of our originals. He writes the majority of the guitar riffs and all of the vocals. Caleb has been part of the band since its birth way back when they were all young bucks in high school.

Micah Zart: The older, less fortunate brother. His musical talents stop at almost being as good as his younger brother. He has played guitar as long as he has been in the band. He tries to make sure every show he is soaked in sweat from head to toe from the crazy amounts of jumping and whipping of the guitar. Plus, it is a good way to please the ladies. He plays everything his brother throws at him and becomes the "guitar monkey" whenever new material is being written.

Brad Albrecht: This man was born with one drum stick, and got the other one from his baby chair. Since his dad is a musician himself, Brad was brought up around music and loves it to this day. He has been playing drums since he was a wee lad, and has also been in the band since its inception so long ago in the halls of Fennimore High School. Brad also writes all the drum parts for Pest's originals.

Matt Waterman: Matt is the bassist of all bassists... or something like that. Matt's energy onstage is second to none, most of the times he tries to kill either Caleb or Micah during show with his insane guitar moves. He writes all the bass lines to our creative works and keeps the band on beat in all but three of our songs.

Booking Info - (608) 732-2884