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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Established on Jan, 2015
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The best kept secret in music


"You Oughta Know: Pet Envy"

When did music stop being, ya know, fun? We’re not saying every band has to be The B-52’s, and we’re not saying music has to be apolitical or easy listening. What we mean is that as of late, it seems like a lot of contemporary music doesn’t offer a glimpse of hope, joy, or catharsis (anybody listen to that new Low album?). Even in the pop sphere, dreamboats like The 1975 are singing lines like: “Jesus save us / Modernity has failed us.” All in all, it seems that today’s music—not unlike the gritty, color-graded superhero movies Zack Snyder will seemingly shove down our throats till the end of time—simply reminds us of the looming chaos in today’s world while offering little in the way of release or solutions.

While we don’t know how to fix what’s going on around us, we do know one thing: going to a (good) show can make you feel a little better, even if it’s only for an hour. That’s why we think You Oughta Know about Pet Envy, the most fun live band to come out of Nashville in years. Fronted by vocal powerhouse Shelbi Albert—and propelled by guitar-bass duo Jake Diggity and Emma Lambiase, who are both killer singers in their own right—Pet Envy is a funky, effortlessly danceable quintet that makes getting out on the floor easy. Add in Prince trombonist Roy Agee and Dave Matthews saxophonist Jeff Coffin (who appear on Pet Envy’s 2017 EP Flowers for Your Brain), and you’ve got a bonafide groove machine that could even make Ben Affleck’s dour Batman tap his foot (maybe). But just because Pet Envy is music you can move to, that doesn’t mean it’s a totally vapid affair, either. Says the band in a joint statement about their new single, “Middle Man”: “[It’s] about finding the strength in yourself and your bandmates to pick yourself back up, and the powerful realization that you can save yourself as an independent artist.”

Naturally, a band dedicated to fun and the redemptive power of friendship chose Hathorne, a restaurant that’s close to the members’ hearts, as their favorite local eatery.

“The owner, John Stephenson, is a big part of how this band got its start back in the early Family Wash days,” the Pet Envy told us over email. “All of us worked there together and played some of our first live performances there as well. We are so excited for Hathorne to be open, and we wish him best of luck in his new endeavor.”

Pet Envy’s latest single and video, “Middle Man,” is available now. - Native

"Pet Envy – MiddleMan"

Ana Lee here with my DJ pick of the week from Nashville quintet Pet Envy.

The band, consisting of Shelbi Albert (vocals), Jake Diggity (vocals, guitar), Emma Lambiase (vocals, bass), Jordan Klatt (keys, synth), and Matthew Singler (drums), have made a name for themselves as purveyors of invigorating live performances. Their captivating shows are in part due to their spontaneity: collaborating with the audience to create a unique experience each time allowing for moments like a jazz-style improvisational break down with a presence that will enthrall all of your senses.

After releasing to EPs with synth pop and funk focus, the band took on a more indie rock influence with their new single “MiddleMan.” The track also represents a shift towards a three-person co-lead vocal dynamic. Listen below and let us know what you think! - Lightning 100

"Music Video Premiere: Pet Envy – “MiddleMan”"

New Noise Magazine is pleased to bring forth the highly visual “MiddleMan” by Pet Envy. There’s an eerie narrative floating through the ambiance, with the band’s grace helping keep the charm rolling. Take a listen and watch this journey of a project below!

“‘MiddleMan’ is about the gatekeepers of the music industry seeking control over your art, and ultimately realizing you can do things on your own. For the video, our middleman villain has a paper-bag-head to represent how the industry middleman wears many faces and shows up in many forms.

It was such a great representation of being pushed around by an authority figure, or by someone who doesn’t understand your end goal but, still wants to control the inner workings of whatever is happening as a group. We prevailed as a cohesive unit over the middleman and his followers, showing our strength through love and dedication.” -Pet Envy - New Noise

"Cream Premiere: Pet Envy Talks Business in 'Middleman' [Fresh Track]"

There's no getting around it: Even at its best, the music business is a grind. While there are plenty of great people in all different aspects of it, individuals who will exploit your talents (and/or your good fortune) in ways that don't benefit you definitely do exist, and dealing with that will wear you down. But you can get done what you need to get done without letting those unsavory types get their claws into your career. That's the focus of "Middleman," a driving, funky new single by Pet Envy, which the group put together with Nathan Dantzler (whose credits include records by Ellie Goulding and Niall Horan) and Joshua Reynolds (who's worked on Little Big Town material).

“’Middleman’ is not a song meant to bash the ‘game’ that we’re all participating in or its players,” says the group in a statement. “It’s a song about a group effort to completely take back control of a situation we hadn’t even realized we’d lost a grip on: our combined figure as a group. We wrote most of the song as a result of experiencing some inevitable losses along our musical journey, and the rest fell into place as our ambiguous group writing antics took over.

"We wanted to write something that paid a respectful tribute to our last three years as a band. It’s for the times when it felt like we heard ‘no’ way more than ‘yes.’ We aimed to sum up how it really feels to pick yourself up after someone you look up to knocks you down, and what comes after you realize you can do things yourself.” - Nashville Scene

"Pet Envy – “For Keeps/Get Over It” – Record Of The Day"

I always take issue when someone describes a song as a ‘summer anthem’. A good song should be enjoyed no matter what the weather or season is. Of course, some styles fit better within different sceneries. Is a Beach Boys record the proper choice for a ski trip? Van Halen for a funeral? Well come to think of it, that does sound pretty awesome. But now I’m getting off track. The question is, what makes a proverbial summer anthem?

Then I heard For Keeps / Get Over it, the new single from Pet Envy on Soul Step Records.

From the very second I heard the Nile Rodgers-esque guitar riff of “For Keeps”, I was instantly taken to the summer. With smooth synths, tight rhythm section and angelic vocals, Pet Envy have tapped into what makes the perfect soundtrack to any and every summer activity. By combining elements of pop, R&B, and yacht-rock, Pet Envy sounds as if they were a band born on the beaches of Miami instead of Nashville Tennessee.

Despite not being a believer in summer music, “For Keeps” made me want to swap out my black-on-black attire for a rainbow tank top and dance on the sidewalk like an 80s music video. Describing the definition of fun with music isn’t an easy task, but Pet Envy pull it out, and do it in style.

Not every track from Pet Envy is a dance party though. Displaying a Kenny Loggins-meets-Tame Impala vibe, Side B’s “Get Over It” showcases the band’s diversity.

As with each release from Soul Step Records, For Keeps / Get Over it is the perfect combo to represent Pet Envy. This vinyl-only label has been hitting the bulls-eye on every single release since their inception! I’ve covered many of Soul Step’s releases over the past few years and Pet Envy is a welcomed addition to their family.

Available in very limited quantities, For Keeps / Get Over It is the perfect 7″ for your turn table and ready-made soundtrack to your summer no matter where you are or what the weather is like.

For more information on Pet Envy, please visit - 50THIRDAND3RD


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