Pete Kronowitt Band

Pete Kronowitt Band

 San Francisco, California, USA

Pete is an independent artist with 3 albums with songs ranging from acoustic alternative pop, a hint of country and a few politically charged ballads.


Performing songwriter with 3 recorded and fully produced CDs. Pete's songs range from folk pop with hints of country and progressive influences.  Pete's first album, "Phases of the Heart," recorded in 1993, has universal appeal covering themes from family and heartbreak, to societal struggles; his music is an emotive fusion of acoustic pop and indie folk. Pete’s first album was recorded and produced by John Alagia, of Dave Matthews Band, Jon Mayer, and Ben Folds Five fame. Pete’s second album, “Threads,” was produced by Pete Snell, who toured extensively with Lyle Lovett.

His upcoming fourth album will be recorded in Nashville this March. New songs ask the listener to face truth no matter how uncomfortable, speak out against injustice even in the face of risk, to look beyond the facade and understand how we are influenced, and realize the immediacy of this moment. 

Pete states, "I'll be preaching to my choir and asking you to move from agreement to action. No one wants to do these things so this new music will fall on deaf ears. I readily admit a fool’s errand but that ain't gonna stop me. I'm a stubborn idiot and cannot wait to be proven wrong."

"Songwriting has been a personal expression, rooted in exploring subjects which moves me. Music was, and still is, a way to interpret life events. Songwriting provides an opportunity to delve into a relationship, or even a silly lyrical idea, and express the concept in a three minute story, where you squish words around to get some inexplicably appealing phrasing. Sometimes the outcome is focused on that lyrical phrasing rather than the meaning, but once in a while a truth is exposed and the result could not have been achieved in any other way."


Now It's We

Written By: Pete Kronowitt

You...and me
this day...becomes we
and we, carve out our home
This to be tied
as our mom’s cry
and we, carve out our home

We won't fall, as time goes by

This love, begins with trust
respect...’til we are dust
and we, stand in love
Our what we know
as we...look down the road
and we, move in love

Our souls...together are free
as friends...forever we’ll be
You and me
Now it's we

1 Can’t Love Enough 4-2

Written By: Pete Kronowitt

Played the fool again
Let love slip through my hands again
There I go again
Feel I've lost my best friend
I never learn but I ask why
Always burn every time I try

No matter what we feel
No matter what we do
1 can't love enough 4 2

I tried so hard
I tried everything
I cried so hard
I gave you everything
So concerned, was it a lie?
Then you turned, didn't say goodbye

No matter what we feel
Or what we go through
1 can't love enough 4 2

We cross our lines
We dot our T's
We pass our time
So foolishly
We never learn, but some ask why
Then we'll burn, after we die

Like A Glove

Written By: Pete Kronowitt

Hey, where are you going?
And who’s that guy standing next to you?
Well I never really liked cretins
Well he's short and hairy and carries a gun too

I never knew nothin' 'bout love
The other shoe don't fit like a glove

Hey, there's a role reversal
I don't think I can get used to this
Well I'm not too controversial
But the more beer I drink the more I'm pissed

Are you a fair weather friend?
I think I'm at my ropes end
And I feel like I'm just killing time
Cause I can't stop on just one thin dime

Caught between two worlds and all alone
I wanted to go back but you can't go home
You put me too high but I could not fly
Now you'll find I fallen from a pedestal
Lessons learned


Phases Of The Heart 1993
Threads 2002
elements 2005

Set List

Almost exclusively performs 3 albums of original material.
45 minute Set List
1. Haunted Heart (drums, bass)
2. Like A Glove (drums, bass)
3. Passive Day (drums, bass)
4. 1 Can’t Love Enough 4-2 (brush drums, bass)
5. Without You (drums, bass)
6. Ballad Of Pete & Heather (drums, bass)
7. Follow the Leader (bass)
8. Drink (drums, bass)
9. Necessary Evils (drums, bass)
10. Now It’s We (brush drums, bass)
11. Inventor of Love (drums, bass)
12. Pickin’ Up The Pieces (drums, bass)
13. Rescuer (drums, bass)
14. The Cure Is The Key (drums, bass)
15. Go Wild-n-Passionate Thru Life
16. Puzzle Piece (drums, bass)
17. Sit With Me
18. She Gives(drums, bass)
19. The Beast
20. Fraternity (drums, bass)