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Pete Sayke

Chicago, IL | Established. Jan 01, 2008

Chicago, IL
Established on Jan, 2008
Solo Hip Hop Soul


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The best kept secret in music


"Dead End Hip Hop - Pete Sayke 'Heaven Can Wait' Album Review"

Last year was a polarizing year in hip-hop, I feel certain divisions in the community were severed deeper at least in terms of the mainstream vs. underground argument. At the same time though, we had a lot of serious hip-hop music last year given the social and political climate. However Chicago emcee Pete Sayke takes a unique approach to his music while also paying homage to those who came before him.

In his album “Heaven Can Wait” Sayke gives me a hip-hop album I haven’t heard in a while. Off top Sayke’s style is fun, energetic, full of passion, he strings flows and rhymes together with ease. Before we go any further, Sayke stuck with one producer on “Heaven Can Wait” in Indianapolis producer Lonegevity and together they do a pitch-perfect job at keeping the pace while giving the listener a diverse and well-rounded album.

The underlying sounds provide the entertaining and upbeat feel, don’t get it twisted Sayke covers a myriad of issues surrounding racism, classism, romance and so much more. Sayke & Lonegevity remind me of The Pharcyde with how they’re able to talk about such serious issues while keeping the record upbeat and lively. Tracks like “What It Is” has Sayke speaking on the struggles he’s endured in coming up not only in hip-hop but in life, bringing Ohio artist Blueprint & DreDai. One of my favorites was “Hole In My Pocket” featuring Selina Carrera where the two exchange lines on being broke. Carrera comes in with a beautiful hook that ends with “life is good for me”.

Pete Sayke knows the hurt and struggles you’re going through and made this album for you. To explain his experiences in this life so far and giving the listener some hope in these dark times. “Heaven Can Wait” is as colorful, vibrant and powerful as the album art is. Sayke and Longevity have something special here, I don’t want to undercut the importance of Lonegevity and the duo these two have created. “Heaven Can Wait” brought me back to my high school days of listening to full-length albums with tracks longer than three minutes, full of all types of content and sounds. This was affirmed even more in the bonus tracks, the last of which is a fire cypher with four guests. Check out “Heaven Can Wait” below and let me know what you think. - Michael Stover

"Luke James - Pete Sayke 'Heaven Can Wait' Album Review (video)"

This is a YouTube video review - Luke James

"iAm2morrow - Pete Sayke 'Heaven Can Wait' Album Review"

I was first introduced to Pete Sayke in the summer of 2017 with his bass bumping single “On Everything”. As I continued to witness the unfolding of his latest album “Heaven Can Wait” the anticipation of it’s content and instrumentation began to build and it became clear after the second single “Architecture” dropped that the project was going to be serious. Sayke and his producer LONEgevity haven’t disappointed. The album which is almost exclusively produced by LONEgevity is a compilation of classic and modern sound that acts as the foundation of the album moving under impeccable flows and lyrics. As HipHop moves into a new age bracket, more mature rap that isn’t overtly conscious, is becoming a niche that Sayke has expertly carved out for himself.

Pete Sayke

The project opens with “Big Boi & Dre”, introducing the voice of a child recalling early memories of wanting to be a rapper; a dream Sayke as literally spoken into existence. Providing bounce over electrifying guitar and big drums, Sayke immediately reminds HipHop fans where our roots came from. Without ever explicitly commenting on modern rap, Sayke instead leads by example with lyrically charged songs that you still want to play at the bbq. Following the intro track is “What It Is”, offering a reminiscent look into the past with the help of well placed features from DreDai & Blueprint.

Proving age doesn’t hinder relevance, “BlueBloodGangLand” comments on the current climate of police & race relations that has been widely spoken about in the media over the past two years. Sharing the fears minorities often feel while simply driving, Sayke creatively navigates the topic of prejudice, race and the constant struggle to keep safe from the men and women who vowed to protect the rights of the people. Jumping forward several tracks, “Great Aggin” addresses the topic of the country’s overall political climate that has seemed to become increasingly volatile with the recent election of Donald Trump.

Pete Sayke

“The Optic’s” is another shining example of Sayke’s ability to simply unveil issues swirling around us without explicitly preaching on them. Leaving the judgement for the listeners, “The Optics” is a look into how we perceive the world around us, shedding light on the constant back and forth between the rich, the poor, the right, and the wrong.

Slowing down the pace of the album, Sayke’s third single off the project “Hole In My Pocket” is one of the best tracks on the album. With a beautiful vocal feature from Selina Carrera, the song has a smooth and velvety texture reminding listeners of the days of Erykah Badu & Lauryn Hill. With the soft undertones of jazz in the backdrop of the song, the duo have created a impactful piece from the balcony of hindsight, while still producing relatable lyrics.

Another track that stands out against the mainstream chatter of constant hoes, and after coitus uber rides is “Me, You, Gary & Syd”. With his words dripping with enthusiasm for the love of his family, Sayke unveils the benefits of a loving relationship, a theme that HipHop is becoming more acquainted with as some of today’s most prominent artists such as JAY Z & Beyonce, Gucci Mane & Keyshia Ka’Oir, and Kanye West & Kim get married and display their new family driven lifestyle. Not only is the song well crafted, it’s content is important for the overall growth of the culture.

The title track “Heaven Can Wait” is a glorious assault of lyrics non stop for nearly 5 minutes. Describing his come up and the journey into music and maturity proves not only Sayke’s dedication and passion but his immense talent as a rapper. Opening up the song with production fit for a DJ Premier beat, Sayke spends the remainder of the song flexing his abilities and shows his versatility as a well rounded lyricists and songwriter.

The bonus track “Shaolin Fangs” is another onslaught of bars, only this time, Sayke brings friends. iLLBrown, Stik Figa, Ves 120, & Tona battle for the best verse Wu-Tang style, and perfectly wrap up the album leaving everything on the track.

Overall the project is one to keep in the playlist rotation. From beginning to end the project flows with great choices in music and well thought out concepts keeping listeners engaged and eager to hear each new line. While some rappers struggle to balance projects that offer substance and entertainment, Sayke has found a great formula with “Heaven Can Wait”.

Download or Stream “Heaven Can Wait” Here:

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"Hip Hop Dependency - Pete Sayke 'Heaven Can Wait' Album Review"

Single You Out: Pete Sayke x Longevity – Hole In My Pocket (ft. Selina Carrera)
December 10, 2017
stefanoneder . Singles . Heaven Can Wait, Hole In My Pocket, Longevity, Pete Sayke, Selina Carrera
Every once in a while you hear an album that makes you want to shout from on high about how good it is and here my friends is such an album.

Pete Sayke and Logevity’s new joint, Heaven Can Wait is a soulful, clever, and engaging release. My favorite track features songstress Selina Carrera and a real smooth flavor that I can listen to over and over again. I hope to be able to feature more music from the album, if not do a full review in the near future. - Stefan Oneder


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