London, England, GBR

Pete is an Alternative solo artist based around songwriting skills and energetic soulful live performances. Mainly based around the Vocals/ Guitar/ Harmonica/ arrangement he is often best discribed by fans as a mix of Oasis, The Rolling Stones & The Brian Jonestown Massacre rolled into Bob Dylan.


Petar Kosanovic ( Pete ) was born in Serbia former Yugoslavia. At age of 4 he has learned to play the piano with his father, at age 6 he took up the violin, at age 10 came to England during the 90s conflict in his homeland and moved to the home counties. At the age of 13 he took up bass guitar, at age 15 he tought himself guitar and singing & at 17 playing harmonica. He has since played many great venues and festivals around the Uk and France alongside artists like Graham Coxon, Mick Whitnall (Babyshambles) and British Sea Power to name a few including The Barfly in Camden, The O2 Academy in Oxford, Camden Crawl, club nights around London such as No Time For Heroes that were highly rated by the press in 2010 and Alan Mcgee's (Creation Records) very own club night Greasy Lips at the beggining of this year. Now at the age of 22 with a vast back catalogue with hundreds of songs written and ideas as well as Albums in previous projects he has worked on, he is looking for possible label backing, managment, to tour, release quality recorded Singles and take further his Dubut Album 'Lost & Found' which was officially released on iTunes in November 2010.


Pete - I'll Be Waiting

Written By: Petar Kosanovic (Pete)

I wona be,
Far near the sea,
To where,
I belong

You were going,
To where,
We lay,
Asleep together,
At night

If you wonna,
Get Away,
Wont you come with me
I'll be waiting by the sea

Chorus :

Won't you come with me,
Now wont you come with me,
Won't you come with me
I'll be waiting by the sea

Second verse

Everything is fading,
Into a cloud of rain,
Until i see you again,
I wona be far near the sea,
To where i belong

If you wona get away,
Wont you come with me,
I'll be Waiting by the sea.


Dubut Album 'Lost & Found' iTunes