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Raining Sadness

Written By: David Schabold

Tell me why it’s raining
On the sunniest of days
Need some changing
The drops are tears of pain
Happiness is fading
Fading more everyday
Let’s make changes
Before it fades away

I read the paper
And staring me in the face
Destruction and anger
I quickly turn the page
Children are dying, not enough to eat
Mothers are crying, while watching helplessly

Kids filled with sadness
You can see it in their eyes
Parents neglect them
It’s reflected in their lies
The poor behavior, parents are to blame
Could be a savior, they should be ashamed

Need to work together
To help those in need
With a joint effort
I know we could succeed
Love and Compassion, is the only way
To change reactions, and end our rainy days