Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies
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Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Wild At Heart, Berlin"

On the way to the WILD AT HEART I realized THE LURKERS could be one of the bands of 77 I always missed. Or did I forget a gig in the nineties because of my retiring memory?

First band of the evening were PETE BENTHAM & THE DINNER LADYS (yeah, yeah, yeah, wahooooooooooooooooo! -note of the editorship). As a trio just kicked ass and I thought: Wow! The first song could have absolutely been from a record of the THE LURKERS - that was real good, melodic 77 punk rock. And then the band unfolded their potential. Because now you could notice different influences in almost every (second) song to the "framework" of 77 punkrock and pub rock. Sometimes it sounded russian, sometimes they integrated some elements of funk.

Once Pete Bentham spoke of "bavarian" influences himself - to his proposal of doing a "schuhplattler" luckily no one followed. And as if this hurricane of the man "in his best years" and the two young ladies wasn´t enough they got some backup of a saxophonist in Pete Bentham´s age from the fourth song on. Who actually, as "threatend" from stage, arranged some "x-ray spex like elements". All of this was rounded of with some humorous pointedly lyrics.

When Pete Bentham in the song "Che Guevara Thing" sings about girls loving piercings others loving Che Guevara like guys, you wish him a girl yearning for the "Pete Bentham thing". In "Part Time Punks" he scolds those colleagues who are arrogantly keen on punk labels with others, but being not so strictly with themselfs... Unbelievable what show this combo offers. Mr Bentham himself made me think of Mr TV SMITH, who is also a great entertainer, telling little stories to the songs. All in all it was a very entertaining mixture that I can absolutely recommend!

The music was some melodic 77 style punkrock with danceable escapades, that can also be found at early bands, as punkrock wasn´t defined so strictly. So it was no wonder that the cd was sold off very quickly
(Luckily I noticed that some of their songs can be found on their myspace website otherwise the grind of didn´t get a record would have last longer) But I think I won´t be the only one who will be there when the band visits Berlin again.
- Pinhead German Fanzine.

"Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies"

There is something hopelessly loveable about Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies. Describing themselves as a Kitchencore band from Liverpool they are a pretty good garage rock band, a way more fun version of Pulp, and a Victoria Wood sketch all rolled into one. What's not to love.

"Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies"

Pete Bentham and the Dinnerladies dish out free rock'n'roll
I've been meaning to write a blog about Pete Bentham and the Dinnerladies for a while and every time I see them I make a mental note to jot down some scribblings. Sadly, being a multimedia node as I am, I'm constantly pulled in a dozen different directions by work, social demands and the 360.
However, the release of a first video in the shape of Lorry Driver and the announcement of an upcoming gigs that feature Mr B – he of the famous and brilliant Inner-City Sumo – and the ladies means it's a good time to start.

The gang often play Free Rock'N'Roll at the Caledonia every other thursday night alongside a variety of other pub-rock/punk-rock/power-pop types in a sweaty, noisy and always-enjoyable atmosphere.
It's pretty eclectic stuff, and there's an eclectic audience to match. I always think of the scouse-pub drunken singalongs that any history of the city describes whenever I'm there, especially when Bentham's anthemic choruses kick in.
There's also a Love Music Hate Racism gig coming at Bumper where Pete and the Dinnerladies will feature. Catch it - you'll be singing the songs in your head for weeks after.

"Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies"

Anti Racism Festival
Party for Public Services/ Love Music Hate Racism.
Magnet, Liverpool, 31st Jan 2008.

As line ups go this is about as eclectic as its going to get. Four bands and a couple of DJ's line up for a cracking night of music playing under the Love Music banner and supported by the PCS Trade Union. Pete Bentham and The Dinner Ladies are fantastic, fast and hard punk rock the perfect start to a night out even though the band upset local residents with their sound check!
- Vinyl Junkie


The New Underground (Debut Album)



Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies are a three piece from Liverpool. Singing witty songs about working class life involving lorry Drivers, Cats and dogs, and taking your mums advice. Taking influences from the Velvet Underground, The Cramps, The Fall, Modern Lovers and B52s, this has provided the birth of 'Kitchencore' to grace people's stereos in the form of garage pop anthems.