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Band Hip Hop Hip Hop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"heeell yea"

wow, that's some bass you got there! haha, heeell yea. that kick is tight too! your flow sound awsome and sit right in the middle of the chaos. i like the vocal presentation too, you definantly have your own style. the hook is awsome too, it's hits big, but doesn't sell out. crank it!

- sagestar33
Murfreesboro, Tennessee -

"the song is bouncin off the wall!!"

This song sounds damn good. seems like u have a lot of talent. The hook is what really catches the listeners attention . The performance was done really well!!The beat you have picked for this song really sets the mood of you just want to get up and start droppin dem bows. Hope u have more songs so i can review them.
Extra Credit: Male Vocals , Production

Special Award: Best Feel Good Track
- dsgb3267
Peachtree City, Georgia


Cool christian rap This one made me think about not being mean to people. Not that I'm mean but sometimes I'm mean I don't listen to christian rap. In fact its a cool idea, this is the first time I've heard any. Most christian music in my area is like bad rock You guys are saying new stuff. Its probably really new or cutting edge. Thanks for the intro. I will check out more of it. You don't hear this on the radio definately an original sound
Extra Credit: Male Vocals Sequencer/Effects Programming , Production Lyrics

Special Award: Best Feel Good Track
- pickinchickin
Atascadero, California


I like this song ALOT!!! I dont know what else to say. Everything about it is VERY COOL! I hope this review will make some difference and influence in some way some positivity for something I think is great! : )
Extra Credit: Male Vocals , Bass , Lyrics Beat , Mood

Dublin, California


Latest release on a compilation CD titled "Middle Of The End" on the label Skull Records Inc. My song on this release are the title song,
Middle Of The End & Hit It Hard. These tracks have also been aired, reviewed, and rated by members on which faired quite well.Also available to listen to and purchase with My newest track not yet released, entitled "I Just Died"


Feeling a bit camera shy


As far back as I can remember I've always had music running through my veins, but I'd never taken it for what it was........MY LIFE !! My influences are, ME, my life, and a friend of mine Joseph Cacho. My style, I try to keep different, unique, and my very own.I'll always remember the feeling I had after my first song, it was a feeling I could only dream to bring alive though my music. Joseph was into Hip Hop and inspired me to push ahead. With this inspiration I decided not only to write songs that people could relate to but to write songs that they could feel. So I wrote songs from within, from my feelings, song after song. I wrote heartfelt feelings in poetry. Some people feel that my songs are too sad, but it's how I feel. Follow me as I take you from begining to end, then you tell me what my life has been.............