Pete Erlandsen

Pete Erlandsen


You'll hear great lyrics delivered with a unique voice. I have a combination of influences and styles ranging from Rock,Folk,Blues,Americana to Country. Member: ASCAP, NSAI, San Diego Folk Heritage and


Pete listens to a lot of different music, but his main songwriting influences are Gordon Lightfoot and John Hiatt. Pete says, "I usually find myself coming back to the singer/songwriter types." He writes his songs in an Americana style using an acoustic guitar. Pete's getting airplay in the US, Australia, Great Britain, Sweden and the Netherlands.


Daddy's Littel Girl

Written By: Pete Erlandsen


Daddy got his little girl
Sitting on his knee
Smiling so pretty
It’s so beautiful to see
A little bit older
All her friends are debutantes
She flash a little smile
And gets her anything she wants
The boys are coming ‘round
They try so hard to please
She got them where she wants ‘em
And their begging on their knees

Daddy’s little girl Daddy’s little girl
He’s wrapped around her finger
And he’s given her the world
A little bit spoiled
Some jealous people say
But she’s Daddy’s little girl
And she likes it that way

Daddy gave his little girl
A new ruby ring
She took it down to Mexico
Vacation for the spring
She hocked it for some beer
And a bag of crystal meth
Now she’s stuck in Tijuana
And she’s terribly distressed
The Federalies got her
Disturbing of the peace
Daddy got his lawyers
And he paid for her release

Daddy bought his little girl
A hot little car
She drove it to her school
And she drove it to the bar
She spun out on a wet road
And she went into a roll
She wrapped around a mailbox
And a telephone pole
She got away clean
Just a little bit mussed
She walked out in the street
And got run over by a bus

© 2007 Pete Erlandsen

Georgia Blue

Written By: Pete Erlandsen


May the southern sky
Always shine like a friend
And the wild wind
Blow warm and true
When you go walking
Through the cool Georgia pines
Remember those summer nights
Georgia Blue

As the blue ridge mountains
Step down to the plains
Savannah River
Running through
I can see reflections like a fire in your eyes
Remember those autumn days
Georgia Blue

When the winter rain
Hits harder than a stone
Remember you and I
You’ll never be alone
Georgia Blue

Now it’s been a while
Spring is in the air
Cherokee Rose
Is all in bloom
It’s an old expression
We’ve all heard many times
Remember that I love you
Georgia Blue

© 2007 Pete Erlandsen

Christmas In The Buff

Written By: Pete Erlandsen


The fire is glowing
The heater is blowing
It’s snowing cold outside

We don’t have to fake it
It’s time to get naked
‘Cause we don’t have to hide

The reindeer yelping
Icicles melting
We’re feeling cozy warm

We did our shopping
It’s time for bopping
‘Cause there’s nobody home

Bopping around the house in the buff
Tripping on the rug can sure get tuff
The kids are at Grandma’s
Unwrapping their stuff
It’s Christmas time in the buff

Sleigh bells are ringing
The carol’s singing
Tell Santa please don’t show

We were good all year
But don’t come ‘round here
We’re under the mistletoe

Now I got a list
I’m making a wish
I hope it happens soon

Me and my baby
We run around nakee
I’m barking at the moon

© 2006 Peter Erlandsen

Good Morning I Love You

Written By: Pete Erlandsen


Good morning I love you
Like everyday before
From now and forever
I love you

I can’t let you go
Lying by your side
Everything I need to know
Looking in your eyes

I can feel your heart
Beating next to mine
I was born to find you
Hold you every night

Good morning I love you
Another rising sun
Whispering your name
I love you

The sunlight on your skin
Dancing through the blinds
Another day begins
Another memory
Burned in my mind

I can touch your soul
Every time we kiss
Our love was meant to be
For moments like this

Good morning I love you
On the edge of a dream
I close my eyes again
I love you

© 2007 Pete Erlandsen


Nashville "Bayou Recording" full studio CD:
Metal On Metal (11 songs)

Home studio acoustic/vocal CD's:
An American Hero (15 songs)
Ready For the Road (17 songs)
Falling Angels (12 songs)
Born In the Fire (5 songs)
All proceeds from the sale of "Born in the Fire" goes directly to Camp Featherstone that burned down in the Cedar fire of 2003 in San Diego county.
The Shadow (12 songs)

Set List

I play live whenever I have the chance. I have a 1 hour set that I can deliver at anytime. I play solo with my acoustic guitar. But I'll have friends or family accompany me if time/scedules allow. I usually play only my own songs that I've written or co-written.