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Pete Hawkes

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Band Folk Classical


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"Secrets Vows & Lies Review"

One of The most highly regarded,but little known US singer song writers was Danny O'Keefe, a man in the mould of the late Jimmy Buffet. One or two of you may have heard of these guys but speak to many of the nore mature ( shall we say) performers and the'll go a bit mellow. From the first notes of Pete Hawkes album I too went mellow. There is much here to qualify Pete for this select club. He manages to cram so many moods and meanings in his work that its almost a relief when faced with a verse which only has one emotion in it. - Folk on mag- Doug Porter (Uk)

"Bruce Elder"

It is a comment on Pete Hawkes that many of his songs are reminicant of the great Nick Drake and John Martyn in their heydey. Secrets Vows and Lies is an outstanding recording - sydney morning herald

"Dirty Linnen Review"

gorgeous acoustic guitar, songs tinged with melancoly , irony and
passion. Hawkes is a refreshing find, a cut above the usual recordings - Dirty Linnen

"niche records review"

a very special collaboration with fairports Dave Swarbrick, the mood is immediately set bty the roliking opener 'ive changed my mind' folowed by th epopular Radio National track'a housewife's lament' Acomplished folk-blues reminiscant of the early 70's players such as John Martyn, the vocal has an echo of Nick Drake at his best, while th eimpeccible guitar work brings to mind James Tayloror Luka Bloom. Sensative production and string arrangements highlight Swarbricks virtuso fiddle. which even at its peak fails to overshadow some impressive harmonica from the lesser known Malcolm McDonald. Supremely listenable - niche records

"Folktalk review"

First released in Australia this album is by one of that countries leading singer songwriter guitarists and is now available in the UK. The album comprises of 13 tracks ranging from a no -nonscence delta blues style to sophisticated instrumentals with cello, fiddle and harmonica; offered on an even mix of songs and instrumentals.

Fisrt impressions is one of tremedous musicianship, wherther it be the skilled slide playing on th ebvlues tracks or the crisp precision on the contemporary pieces. Pete has a mastery of the guitar which allows him to create the most delicate of moods.

A rich smooth voice this album is a pleasure, but it is the guitar which lifts this album into the realms of the exceptional. - Jim Hancock


'Secrets Vows and Lies' ( folk blues) with guests Phil Emmanuel and Dave Swarbrick
'Unspoken Riddles' - instrumental collection
'Melancholy Cello '- original cello
'Double Divesity '- Double CD of complete
instrumental works
'The DADGAD files' - orginal celtic compositions, airs reels, jigs
'The lost SOULS ENTWINED 'Pete Hawkes with Phil Emmanuel
Colors 'Pete Hawkes Jazz



How often does one come across a composer with the ability to transcend several musical genres and yet stay firmly focussed within his own perceived sound? Almost never! Pete manages to turn many genres into his own, making the listener feel they are witnessing something innovative and fresh, but still familiar to the feels and traditions of the genre.

A musician that can compose and play fine airs, reels and Celtic influenced pieces; Delta Blues and cleverly written neo classical pieces is rare. Rarer still he can compose very finely arranged and well-executed Jazz. If that doesn't take your fancy then you can always listen to Pete's beautiful arrangements of some great classical compositions. Dig ragtime? then you have come to the right place.

The word 'genius' I have always reserved for the greats like Charlie Parker, Charles Mingus, Richard Thompson and Louie Armstrong, but given the diversity, variation, number of musical genres, and the prolific number of high quality, original compositions of all styles of music Pete has put out every year, not to mention a back catalogue of finely crafted original songs (that always have something unique to say about the human condition), it's hard not to use the word for him here as well. If he is not a genius then he is certainly one of Australia's most creative and interesting composers for acoustic music to emerge in the last decade. Tony Bates `Musicologist/Reviewer' Station Librarian /Presenter
3WBC 94.1FM, BOX HILL Victoria