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Pete Hopkins

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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""An Electrifying Performer""

Pete Hopkins
Los Feliz

The Players: Pete Hopkins, guitars, vocals; Todd McCool, electric guitar; George Nakonechny, bass; Frank Musarra, drums.

Material: Muscular and melodic, funky and soulful, this pop-rock artist writes and arranges his material so well that it frequently sounds like ear candy. For this gig, Pete Hopkins assembled a nicely balanced set with mid-tempo and fast-paced numbers and a few wild cards thrown in that were quirky and humorous (“I Won’t Cry,” “Become,” “Be My Lover,” “Way of Our Own,” Hideaway,” “Umbrella,” “Take The Train” and “True American”).

Musicianship: Think Prince, Jamiroquai and Mick Hucknall. Hopkins can scale the high notes with an ear shattering falsetto that’s exhilarating and giddy. He is also versatile with a delicate touch, switching gears and shading his vocals with subtlety and nuance. Drums, rhythm and guitars accent the overall sound giving it drive, power and distinction. Creative in its execution, the musicianship is an exercise in virtuosity.

Performance: At this gig, Hopkins was an electrifying performer who let the spirit of the music move him. One could feel a charge going through his body and being projected into the audience with such sheer excitement and passion it became gripping. Hopkins also thinks fast on his feet. When he faced a couple of broken strings on his guitar he put it aside, undaunted, and launched into an a cappella rendition of Nina Simone’s “Be My Husband.”

Summary: Hopkins deserves a bigger following because he has the talent and performance acumen to back it up. Hopkins and his band performed like stars and gave it their all. It’s just a matter of time before a word-of-mouth buzz catches up with them.
––Harriet Kaplan
- Music Connection

""A Talented Singer Songwriter""

Pete Hopkins is a talented singer-songwriter, recently arrived in LA from Seattle.

His release features Pete on vocals and performing a variety of instruments, all tracked into cuts that sound like a cohesive band. Stylistically, there’s some Stevie Wonder and Carlos Santana in there, with a trace of the Seattle grunge. It’s pop, but there’s fine originality, not the soundalike clone stuff that clutters the radio. Pete is at home in acoustic and electric genres, so he should quickly find fans and supporters in Southern California. His web site is
-Larry Wines, The, Los Angeles
- The

""Look out Justin Timberlake, and Paul Simon for that matter!""

WOW, I must tell you. I went to a party last night in Lower Tujunga, and you would never guess but our own Pete Hopkins performed on the patio! I was just kicking back at my candle lit table with a smoke, a Cabernet, and a plate of some vegetarian concoction. Next thing you know, I see Pete! Those of us who could not make his show at the Rainbow on Friday sure missed out on some great music. Pete, accompanied by guitar (his own), bongos and harmonica filled the back lawn with sweet melodies and soulful songs. A strong song writer, Pete's lyrics told stories of love, the wonder and angst we all feel while following our dreams, fighting your doubts, and friendship. His use of wording and phrase was none less than brilliant.
It did not matter Pete had little accompaniment behind him. He nailed the pockets and mesmerized the partygoers, each body swaying, every face a smile. Next time you need a night of great music unlike the typical generic acoustic epic... you know what I mean. Take some time and spin by a Pete Hopkins show. You will be pleased you did so. Also, if you know any musicians interested in working with a great singer songwriter, send them Pete Hopkins' way!
Look out Justin Timberlake, and Paul Simon for that matter!
-April Roberts, Rock City News, Los Angeles
- Rock City News

""His Blend of Pop/Rock with Soul Underpinnings is Addictive""

“Rarely do you find a young talent like Pete Hopkins whose style, phrasing, lyrics and melodies are so immediately catchy. His blend of Pop Rock with Soul Underpinnings is addicitive.”

-Dean Sciarra, It’s About


""His Lyrics are Upeat Quick and Smart...""

“Pete Hopkins is a SUPERB writer, his lyrics are upbeat, quick and smart and intelligent listeners appreciate his style.”

- Jack Uno,, Los Angeles, CA

""Pete Hopkins- Pop's New Indie Darling""

POP’s New Indie Darling

Leaping into the L.A. music scene, Pete Hopkins is building a burgeoning buzz as Pop’s newest indie darling. Hopkins consistently infuses his compositions with lyrics and melodies that shimmer with humanism and engaging style. Transplanted from Seattle to L.A., the young guy’s a six-string hero armed with sexy good looks, charming affability and an undeniable voice. Live performances showcase an artistic sweep from sweet sentiment with whisper soft sugary vocals – to neo-soul funk and the propulsive precision rock of the titanic “True American.” “Hopkins can scale the high notes with an ear-shattering falsetto that is exhilarating and giddy” “An electrifying performer” say’s Harriet Kaplan, Music Connection Pete Hopkins is neither angst ridden (though there’s obvious pain) nor a superficial brat. Rather, he is a surprisingly humorous personality whose passion for music flows through every lick and lyric and who genuinely connects with his audience. Speaking of connecting - Hopkins’ late night Insomnia Movie Trivia has grown from a few funny comments into a popular website interaction between him and his following, who appear ever eager to explore the comedic and personal side of the man behind the music.

Regarded by fans and musicians as a young artist with a growing reputation to watch, Hopkins is poised to be a hot singer-songwriter in the adult contemporary and new hybrid R&B scene. (Could we get someone hella famous to agree to quote this. How bout Timbaland : )

Pete Hopkins’ self-produced debut release, ODD SIZE BAGGAGE, delivers on that promise. A combination of rich vocals and hook-filled tunes ensures the heartfelt result. In his work you hear echoes of poetic, playful and sometimes morose insights into life’s relationships. The rapid fire delivery of Killin’ Me is an impressive blend of acoustic sound and synth based R&B pop. The evocative ebb and flow of Take the Train both confronts and embraces fear, and Umbrella is a methaphorical, free flowing gem. On the track, Become, Pete soulfully delivers unabashed optimism in a tune that feels like a melodic sunbeam. His own musical influences are evident in the somewhat Beatlesque “Be My Lover” a fun, slightly cocky tune with boyish sex appeal. And “I Won’t Cry” is a beguiling mix of pop, with a definite nod to Motown at its base (bass!) that offers a bright sound to a rather bitter tale.

“His blend of Pop, Rock with Soul underpinnings is addictive,” says Dean Sciarra, CEO of It’ A review from the Rock City News suggested “spin by a Pete Hopkins show for a night of great music, no less than brilliant.” Cutting his chops in Seattle, playing everything from Heavy Metal to Jazz, Pete now makes his home in L.A. where he continues to garner impressive reviews, radio support and industry suitors.

PETE HOPKINS in live performance offers an intoxicating mix of, off the cuff humor, compelling stage presence and musical brilliance sure to please the hipsterati. –Annabelle Brassy
- Annabelle Brassy


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Singles getting radio airlplay and/or streaming online around the world:

"I Won't Cry"
"True American"
"Take The Train"



The Story of Pete Hopkins

He was born in Colorado and then gypsied all over the country for the next seven years before landing in Seattle where he lived until his recent move to Los Angeles.

The two constants of Pete Hopkins’ life have been love and music.
The offspring of an affectionate albeit dysfunctional family, Pete was singing songs at age 2 and got his first guitar at age 7. His natural gifts for music were recognized very early on and nurtured in every way possible. Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Hall and Oates, Jeff Buckley, James Taylor, Earth Wind and Fire and Marvin Gaye, to name a few, were always playing in his home and Pete was always listening and learning. Music would be the force that would get him through the darkest times of his young life, including his grandfather’s untimely death, his parents’ bitter divorce and, later, alienation from his peers.

It is this foundation of passion, pain, love and a reservoir of deep feeling that Pete chooses to build his musical motifs upon. His songs are carefully crafted pop gems, with soulful deliveries and melodies, fresh, yet familiar. You can hear in his voice echoes of great love and great hardship. Playful, poetic and sometimes morose, Pete Hopkins’ work is conveyed through conversational vernacular with a profound sense of empathy for life’s relationships and carried with wisdom beyond his youth.

Raised in Seattle, Pete honed his chops performing in a variety of bands ranging from Heavy Metal bands to Jazz combos for three years before forming his own project and assuming the identity of pop singer/songwriter. His band “High Profile” played a mix of pop/jazz/funk originals that didn’t blend in with the typical decidedly rock-centric “Seattle sound.” Based on the strength of catchy songs written by Hopkins and a funky tight rhythm section, High Profile found a niche for themselves and Pete became a regular favorite at the 700 Club, a hip hang out for the underground neo-soul and funk aficionados, as well as the hottest musicians in town.

Armed, with powerful songs, good looks, charm and an undeniable voice, Pete has the ability to win over a very broad range of audience. He has immersed himself in music, studying guitar, voice, the violin, the bass guitar, the piano and the drums. In addition to his skills as a writer, Pete is an accomplished engineer and emerging music producer.

Since Pete’s move to Los Angeles, he has garnered impressive reviews, radio support, licensing opportunities, and industry suitors. He plays live at top venues all over the west coast and is regarded by musicians and fans alike as a major talent poised for a lifelong successful career in music. Pete is currently celebrating the independent release of his first self produced full-length album “ODD SIZE BAGGAGE” and taking life in stride.